"Seeing the world not as it is, but as it can be"
"Where there is no vision, the people perish." - Proverbs 29:18
Your Success Newsletter - Jan-Feb, 2005 - Published Bi-Monthly
Happy New Year - Make it So!
There is nothing quite like taking a 22 day trip into a time zone so far
away that you skip a day and eight hours, and then try to get back to
normal.  For most of the month of November, Dianne and I were
away, and just after we returned home and began to recover, we
encountered multiple occurrences of 6 to 12 inch snowfalls.  We
know our friends and relatives in the Sun Belt and other prime real
estate areas don’t know what we’re referring to, but just humor us for
a short time.

Anyway, we’re back, and  between moving snow off the driveway, the
part of the roof I could reach, and along the foundation so the Utility
Room walls would dry up, we put together this issue of VISIONS.    
We hope you enjoy them.

We’ve written a little about our trip and how the experience has
strengthened our understanding and ability to serve others.  A more
detailed summary can be found in “Making a Difference, Near and

Also in this issue, we are happy to be able to bring you more good
news about recent graduates that have decided that average is not
sufficient, and that one can have both overwhelming success and a
great personality.  In undeniable testimonies to the strength and
character of our younger generation, Alexandria Freeman and
Arylne Farris stand out academically and socially.  At a point where
many people are retiring, Lytle Davis, a recent appointee of Ohio
Governor Bob Taft, demonstrates that there is no stopping someone
committed to expanding opportunities for others.

Finally, there is the article “Taking a Stand - The Euclid Hitachi
Story” which in reality is just a microcosm of what was a great
company, made up of the only thing that can insure a great
company, great people!  In reality, any story about Euclid and its
world renown earthmoving equipment would require a very large
book.  The article in this issue of VISIONS is more about the issue of
promises, those kept and possibly those broken.  about
understanding the dynamics of power and politics, understanding
that what goes around, yes, comes around.  It is about taking a
stand against injustice, even when its not easy and even when you’
re not personally involved.

I must report during this month of the celebration of Rev. Dr. Martin
Luther King, Jr., that he  warned that “Injustice anywhere is injustice
everywhere.”  Rev. Jesse Jackson told us (I don’t care if you don’t
like him; focus on the message!).  Jackson said “Whether we came
on Freedom Ships or Slave Ships, we’re all in the same boat now.”  
Euclid’s former employees are “All in the same boat now,” and if
those who can plan don’t, and those who can paddle don’t, and
those who can bail water don’t, then they all sink together.

Dianne & Henry
on Sydney, Australia
Dinner Tram

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Alexandria Freeman
Academic Excellence,
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Arlyne Farris
Academic Excellence,
Community Involvement
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Lytle Davis
Receives Appointment
from Governor Taft


Making A Difference
YOU Have Something
to Offer


Taking a Stand
The Euclid-Hitachi Story


Cover Article
Happy New Year -
Make it So!


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