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Your Success Newsletter - Jan-Feb, 2005 - Published Bi-Monthly
CONGRATULATIONS to Alexandria Danielle Freeman
Congratulations to Alexandria Danielle  Freeman, a May, 2004
graduate of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Academic Magnet School for
Health Sciences and Engineering.  The school is located in Nashville,
Tennessee.  In the July-August, 2004 issue we acknowledged
Alexandria for her graduation, but only recently became fully aware
of all the statistics about this extraordinary young lady.  Alexandria
graduated with top honors.  She was a semifinalist in the National
Achievement Scholarship Program, member of the Beta Club &
National Honor Society, and a member of the Distinguished Scholars
Program for maintaining a cumulative grade average of 93-100 for
seven semesters.

The Scholars program objectives are to: provide more opportunities
for in-depth study in all subject areas, strengthen academic skills,
make academic achievement more rewarding, improve scores on
college admission tests and increase options for university
admissions, college majors and careers.

In July, 2003 we acknowledged Alexandria for her bowling skills.  She
had bowled a 300 game, but made no big deal about it.

Alexandria is the daughter of Danny and Mazo Freeman, and our
cousin.  Academic ability and school and community participation are
just a few of her assets.  To family and friends she is just laid back,
charming “Alex.”  And for being recognized previously in VISIONS,
she remembered to say THANK YOU.  Way to go parents!

Alexandria Freeman


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