"Seeing the world not as it is, but as it can be"
"Where there is no vision, the people perish." - Proverbs 29:18
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Taking a Stand
The Euclid-Hitachi Story

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Taking a Stand
The Euclid-Hitachi Story


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In the Spring of 1965, I finally realized one of my dreams; finding a
decent and well paying job.  All that I had done to that point brought
me to the Euclid Division of General Motors Corporation.  This I
decided would be the place I would “hang my hat” and give it my all
to earn a living.  I was right, although many an unsettling day would
occur between my date of hire and that day thirty years later when I
would retire.  Several ownership changes later, many obstacles later,
in a different economy and a different world, 1995 would offer
another opportunity, this time as a consultant at Euclid for more than
six additional years.

Of the many obstacles and broken dreams, one thing was for
certain.  If you managed to stay at Euclid through the good times and
bad, giving everything you had, fulfilling your promises made to the
company, and your health, the economy and other factors allowed
you to reach retirement, that portion of your dream could not be
taken away. . . WRONG!

Several weeks ago, the leadership of the Euclid Retiree Association
informed us that our retirement benefits might well be in jeopardy.  
Current top management at Hitachi is considering benefit cuts that
could affect the health, well being and standard of living of current
retirees.  So promises are made to be broken.  How many times have
I heard and ignored that?

The retiree association leadership suggested that “this might be the
time to contact your elected representatives.”  They saw the possible
value of a proactive response from those who stood to lose the
most.  Ironically this leadership also performed as top level
executives in the company prior to their retirement.  Based on their
training and perhaps more importantly, based upon their experience,
they have some idea what action has the potential to change hearts
and minds.

Those who know me have no problem believing that I jumped all over
the letter writing campaign, doing what I could with what I had,
moving proactively with the small voice God gave me, using the
talents He blessed me with, taking steps in my own behalf.

And would you believe, many people took the position that, “Well,
they are going to do what they want anyway!”  Duh, maybe they will,
especially if no one objects.  How can we not yet have learned that
the fight is not over when you get knocked down, it’s over when you
stop getting up!  As difficult as it is to believe, in a country previously
a part of the once powerful Soviet Union, where dissent at one time
meant death, voices of protest recently resulted in a national election
being held over again, and spoiled and disbelieving Americans will
not pick up a telephone or a pen in their own behalf.  People Please!

I have taken a stand, because if I will not stand up in my own behalf,
how can I possibly expect someone else to take a stand?  When it
becomes personal, and you continue to expect outside help to solve
an inside issue, you are overlooking a very basic fact.  That is that
everyone has problems and issues at some point and time, with
something or someone.

I have decided that in this newsletter, on our web site, and certainly
with my cash, VISA Card, and what’s left of my retirement, I can
either be an ally and supporter of the company that keeps its
promises to me, or if they break that promise, I am obligated to shift
that influence and those dollars to a company that respects me and
supports my right to fair and just treatment.

I will report on Hitachi, based upon the course of action they decide
upon.  Whether anyone who follows those reports also follows my
lead, is less important than the message I leave you with.

The message is that approximately fifty years ago in Montgomery,
Alabama, a group of people thought to be helpless and hopeless, a
group of people full of the fear of deadly reprisal, trained to be
subservient, and on the bottom of the economic ladder, decided they
had enough.  They destroyed the strongest, more feared, longest
living form of tyranny this nation has ever known.

When you have had enough, when you become sick and tired of
being sick and tired, when you recall the lessons learned as Nazi
Germany promised to take ”Just one more country,” and one more
became one more became one more, then stand up!  Yes this year
STAND UP for your goals, STAND UP for your dreams, STAND UP
against whatever you think is keeping you down.  

Something is oppressing most of us, and in many cases it is our own
misguided belief that someday, someone, will somehow, come from
somewhere, and do something to fix it all.  I stopped by to tell you
“Faith Without Works is Dead.”