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Weighing ALL Your Options



Weighing ALL
Your Options

Lance Corporal
Eaven Lockhart

Randy Small's

Brenda Taylor

A Wedding Story

Dr. Edgar B. Jackson, Jr.

Keeping Safe
Watching out for
The True, The False,
and The Maybe


Seeking opportunities and overcoming obstacles is sometimes made more difficult
by the human tendency  to complicate that which is simple.  Sometimes in search of
truth, I am guilty of looking so deeply, that  immediately after asking the question, I
pass by and fail to recognize the answer.  As my good friend Harry Sykes once told
me, “our problem is we know too much!”

While I don’t entirely agree with Harry, he did make a valid point.  Recently while
trying to drag facts out of the young Marine featured in this issue of VISIONS, long
after he had given me the answer, I was still looking for it, because I thought I
needed WORDS.  All I really needed was his first answer.  I asked Lance Corporal
Eaven Lockhart what advice he had for those thinking of following in his footsteps,
and he replied “They should consider all their options.”

If we followed Eaven’s advice on a regular basis, think of how much better off might
we be.  I am not proud of how long it took me to realize that everyone featured in
this issue (and probably all the previous ones) have done a lot of what Eaven

Certainly Cleveland Police Officer Randy Small, a twenty-five year retiree from one
of the most dangerous jobs in America had to consider his options often, and
oftentimes quickly.  His choices allowed him to get to retirement, while enhancing
the lives of others.

Brenda Taylor, LPN/LMT makes choices many times a day that enhance the quality
of life of the elderly, impart knowledge and compassion to those who take care of
the elderly and  counsel their families, and help set the standards of care that one
day may affect you and I.

Then there is Fannie Lee Lowe, helping to plan her daughters wedding, a task
many have faced or will face.  She certainly had plenty of opportunities to
completely “lose it,” but instead considered her options and reasoned that a one
day happy occasion was not sufficient cause to create months of nail biting, high-
strung drama that could have created a lifetime of hard feelings.

Dr. Edgar B. Jackson, highly educated, undoubtedly qualified, respected
throughout the medical community and known worldwide.  Here is a man who could
for a while avoid being personable and compassionate.  Fortunately when Dr.
Jackson considers all his options, he chooses those that enhance not just his
career, but his whole being, and because of those choices the world is a better

Last but not least, in the area of personal safety and security, we need to be
constantly aware that these are dangerous times.  No matter where we live or work
or relax, there are people and circumstances that deserve are attention.

While social scientists, politicians, friends, family, co-workers and associates
debate the Why, The Who, and the Where, truth is that “somebody is out to get
you.”  Certainly this is an inspirational newsletter charged with being upbeat, etc.
etc.  Just remember, everyone doesn’t read VISIONS (you probably don’t all the
time!).  Try to always think of all your options, particularly when you are considering
shopping at midnight, going into the parking garage alone, having one more for the
road, showing how well and how fast you can drive, being an agitator, getting into
heated arguments (especially when operating the cell phone and a two ton
automobile), etc. etc.  I know that last one hurt somebody!
"Seeing the world not as it is, but as it can be"
"Where there is no vision, the people perish." - Proverbs 29:18
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