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When I speak and write about success, it is hard not to think of the Cleveland based,
internationally represented Women Entrepreneurs Of America, Inc. (WEA) and its founder and
executive director Yolanda Lamar-Wilder.  Not only does Ms. Wilder epitomize the attributes I
wrote about in Success is You, but she brings so much of her talent and energy to WEA that I
often forget she operates two businesses.  Besides conceiving, implementing, nurturing and
being the driving force behind WEA, Ms. Wilder is President and CEO of Labor U.S. of A.
Employment Agency, Inc. and Wilder Consulting Services, Ltd.

Going beyond the principles of Success is You, Lamar-Wilder understands and promotes the
concepts of The Power of Association.  With an encouraging, nurturing, complimentary, but fiery
spirit, Lamar-Wilder rapidly moves from task to task, from event to event, from concept to
conclusion to inspire and raise the awareness of WEA members.

On many occasions I have read about an event planned by WEA, thought about the obstacles and
opportunities, and followed the progress, all from the desk of Lamar-Wilder.  There are times that
I sense that because of weather, because of people being busy, and just because, the full
benefits of an event have not been realized.  So what does Lamar-Wilder do?  She “comes back
swinging.”  If she thinks someone has missed an opportunity, she lets them know.  If you let her
down, she lets you know.  If you need “firing up” she lights a fire.  And in the midst of it, all she
compliments, congratulates, and motivates, and whatever else is necessary.  Lamar-Wilder
recognizes the potential in others and the power in association.  Going far beyond simply
recognizing potential and power, she is totally unafraid to issue a challenge, and then help push
you into it, guide you through it, and if necessary, pull you out of it.

I think I discovered one of her secrets.  Actually, I didn’t discover it; she told me what it was.  All
the credit that she does not give to God, she gives to those around her.  I once complimented
Lamar-Wilder on her energy level (I think I called her Superwoman), and she quickly let me know
that God was the power and she was simply a conduit.

I first met Lamar-Wilder at an inspirational gathering sponsored by Minister Kent Wise, another
individual who inspires, educates, and leads by example.  Years later I became reacquainted
with her because our good friends Eleanor Askew (WEA Treasurer) and Cynthia Weston are
members of WEA.  Because of our friendship with Eleanor and Cindy and the positive nature of
WEA, I took an interest in WEA’s vision.  I would come to find through e-mails with Lamar-Wilder
that she was uncompromising in her basic beliefs.  I have been unable to stop her from referring
to me as “Mr. Ford.”  She explained that it was just out of respect and as a native-born
Clevelander I probably wouldn’t understand that.  WHAT; WHO; me, Mr. Original Good Manners &
Great Respect, with all this Georgia influenced training?  Well, I didn’t say she got everything right!

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