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Rules for Living Your Dreams and Obtaining
Success in Life!
By Willie Johnson, Performance Development Consultant
Coming from the small border town of Yuma, Arizona, they said I would not enjoy a
rewarding and prosperous career in the U.S. Army – but I did and I received many
awards along with an Honorable Discharge for 23 years of distinguished service.  After
being out of school for approximately 10 years, I decided to go back to college and get a
college degree.  Many of my so called “friends”, at the time, said that I would not do well
or complete the degree program because I had been out of school too long, was
working full time in the Army, and was married and had a child – but I did graduate.
In fact, I graduated Magna Cum Laude, with a 3.83 GPA and received my degree in Management and Human
Resources.   After leaving the military service, I decided to take a job in Northwest Arkansas, a place I had
never been, with a trucking company named J.B. Hunt Transport.  My friends and relatives back home said
that I would not like Arkansas and because I was an African American, that I would not have a rewarding
career with a company in Arkansas, especially a company in Northwest Arkansas – but I have!  Yes, they
were all wrong, I’ve been with J.B.Hunt Transport for more than 14 years now, and I can honestly say that I
have had a rewarding career thus far!  (Smiles, it ain’t over yet – I’m just now coming into my prime!)  Has it
always been peaches and cream for me?  The answer is no, but I’ve learned much, as a result of my
struggles and experiences, and wouldn’t trade that for anything.  Oh yes, and Northwest Arkansas has
turned out to be “not so bad”, and I’m glad I came.

It’s all about looking toward success in life, and it starts with a dream! (My dream was to have a rewarding
and successful corporate career after serving 23 years in the Army – Being All That I Could Be)  Never
underestimate the power of a dream.  There is never victory without struggle.  The dream gives you energy to
move through obstacles.  Make the decision to commit to your dream.  When you commit to your dream, you
have made the most important decision - you have agreed to do what it takes to reach your dream.  When you
commit to your dream, you commit to move through the struggles.  You will learn from struggling and struggling
will bring you closer to your dream.  When you commit to your dream, you make the decision not to quit!   

Commitment to my dream has carried me from serving 23 years in the U.S. Army to career success at J.B.
Hunt Transport Services beyond my wildest dream, in a manner of speaking.  Commitment is a decision.  Make
the decision to commit to your dream.  Each decision we make will get us closer to our dream or further
away.  Commitment makes us strong.  Commitment builds character.  We become accountable and responsible
for our lives.  If you never quit, you will inspire others to live their dreams.   Set the example!

Here is a set of rules that have served me well:

  1. You can be anyone you want to be: create daily success habits that will empower you.
  2. Make anger work for you: use anger in a positive way to get results.
  3. Everyone should be a dreamer:  Visualize your dream and make a commitment to making it happen.
  4. Eliminate the confusion:  visualize exactly what you want to be.
  5. It’s better to do something and fail than to do nothing at all.  The harder the struggle, the greater the
  6. Get the dollar signs out of your eyes:  focus on your passion instead of money.  The dollars will come
    as a result of the things your passionately do.
  7. Quit making excuses:  when we make commitments they become real, not just fantasies.
  8. Dreams don’t have time limits but timing is everything:  if you miss a goal, don’t quit, reset it.
  9. Keep at it:  if you quit, you’ll regret it forever.
  10. When you achieve one dream, dream another: dreams give us energy to go to new levels.
  11. Everyone can reach their dreams if they make the commitment, learn from struggle and never quit.

Success is a decision!

VISIONS Newsletter - Mar-Apr, 2005 - Published Bi-Monthly