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Honoring Mothers
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The Few, The Proud,
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Steven Crudup

Johnnie Cochran

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Supporting Our Youth
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Andy Ronney's
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Honoring Mothers and Fathers
In this issue our hats are off to some of the world’s most important people,
mothers and fathers.  Without their direction, guidance, patience and example,
some of the stories in this issue would not be told.  So Happy Mother’s Day and
Happy Father’s Day, along with our prayers and best wishes that your efforts will
not be in vain.

So with that said, or in this case written, how can we best honor our parents or
their memories?  While they are with us, it’s good to take time for them, to take
them to dinner, buy flowers and candy and fruit, or ties and shirts, etc.  As they
become elderly or for other reasons need our help, it is important that we be
there, helping ease their burdens and assisting in other ways they may need.  
There are perhaps many more answers than there is space to express those

While special efforts on special days are nice and are encouraged, there are not
enough of those opportunities available to return the gratitude for years of
dependence on our parents.  Fear not, we all have the opportunity to make our
parents proud, or to honor their memory.  Doing and becoming our absolute very
best and living the golden rule are certainly gifts that “keep on giving,” not just to
our parents, but also to our children, or others who may seek to emulate us.  And
it’s not just about parents, children and mentees or “fans.”

Doing and being our best, and operating under the Golden Rule will also serve
us well.  This is a textbook no lose situation.  Living this type of life is not always
easy, but it’s almost always rewarding.  This issue offers a variety of examples of:

  • Personal achievement
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • A lifetime of service
  • Providing excellent quality and service
  • Professional achievement
  • Opportunity for higher learning

In this issue, read about a young man who made his mother proud (although a
little nervous) by his life-changing decision to join the U.S. Marines.

Take time out to attend a workshop given by one of Cleveland’s top trainers,
Burma Stewart, who was inspired and trained by famed speaker Les Brown.  
After the workshop, check out Chester’s Cuisine, a new top quality restaurant
only a few blocks from the seminar.

Take the time to celebrate the lives and accomplishments of women from
Northeast Ohio, as WEA, Inc. recognizes many and honors five during their May
21st Awards Banquet.  The keynote speaker for this fabulous affair will be none
other than Burma Stewart, president and CEO of Body by Burma.  Yes, you just
read about her in the last paragraph, and Yes, she does get around!

Take a look at the life of Attorney Johnnie Cochran, beyond the O.J. Simpson

Follow one of the road maps to a better than average lifestyle by way of
exceptional achievement, and professional recognition.  The bio of Andrea Maxie
may well inspire you to “get busy.”

See one of the places where you can “get busy” (in the Cleveland area), by
reading about Capital University’s Cleveland Center for Lifelong Learning.

Also, don't forget to visit our
Help our Youth page, where we try to put it all
together to support those we value so highly, our children and young adults, the
leaders of tomorrow.  They are the solution to a world filled with challenges, and
we want to do our best to support them.

And who among us (thee, them, yall', etc.) are not victims of telemarketeers?  
Come ye all; black, white, yellow; young, middle-age, growing mature gracefully;
rich, poor, and in between; it doesn't matter, "
Whether its dinner time, or you're washing six loads of clothes, or in the middle of
a giant plumbing repair, "
I HAVE A DEAL FOR YOU."  If you are bugged by
telemarketeers, check out "Telemarketing Victim?" with helpful hints from Andy

Last but not least, let us know about the accomplishments of you, a member of
your family, a friend or associate.  Share some inspiration, because we are
allowed to make Mom and Dad proud all year long.
"Seeing the world not as it is, but as it can be"
"Where there is no vision, the people perish." - Proverbs 29:18
Your Success Newsletter - May-Jun, 2005 - Published Bi-Monthly