Chester's Fine Cuisine - Grand Opening
Restaurant Reflects Excellent
Taste and Excellent Food

Article by Henry Ford

When I found out that Chester Tucker was
opening a restaurant, I knew I had to be at the
grand opening.  It takes a lot with today's
gasoline prices for me to drive from Twinsburg
to 1990 Noble Road (across the street from
Nela Park).  A visit to Chester's Fine Cuisine
was well worth the trip.  Before I reluctantly
stopped after my second helping of
scrumptious samples, I was already visualizing
my next trip.  Some of you are lucky enough to
live closer to Chester's.  I just ask that you
leave me some food.

Just after I arrived and was greeted by
Chester, I spotted Harry Sykes, president of
Professional Caterers and Party Planners.  I
immediately grabbed a plate, because I knew if
Chester and Harry collaborated, all chance of
calorie counting was a lost cause.  Oh, how
right I was!  Chester has been famous for his
food quality and service for years at The
Columbo Room, and Harry has been praised
everywhere he caters.

There were samples from Chester's extensive
menu, which includes selections of seafood,
chicken, beef, veal and pork.  For dinner you
can select from Bourbon Street Seafood
Gumbo, Grilled Salmon, Lobster, Prime Rib,
Creole Jambalaya, or just get lost among the
seven appetizers, eight soup/salad selections,
and fifteen entrees.  If you come for lunch,
your selection is nearly that large, in addition
to six sandwich combinations.

Chester is well known for operating a top
class, casual, no nonsense establishment.  
Chester's Cuisine meets and surpasses the
standards that he has become known for.  
Chances are, the ninety-two seat dining room
will see a large number of faithful and new

In addition, Chester's boasts a 32 seat private
dining room that is
"technology ready."  I
wondered, as you might be wondering, what
technology has to do with good eating.  Well,
while you're conducting or participating in your
meeting and having dinner, in this room you
can plug in your laptop computer . . .
continue to work.  Someone will just love that,
but I don't want any work in the way of my food.

I urge you not to be the last one in your group
to discover Chester's.  If you want to impress
someone, or just want good food and
atmosphere at a very reasonable price,
Chester's Cuisine is the place.

For specific hours of operation or other
questions, contact Chester's at 216-451-2073
or e-mail Jackie Tucker
(that's Chester's
beautiful wife!)



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They ganged up on my taste buds!
Owner Chester Tucker (above left) and
Harry Sykes, food consultant and
president of Professional Caterers &
Party Planners (below center)
Chester's Cuisine features a large,
spacious, comfortable eating area with
plenty of atmosphere (above) and food
to please the palate (below).

VISIONS Newsletter - May-Jun, 2005 - Published Bi-Monthly