The Few, The Proud, The Marines
Pvt. Steven Crudup

What seems like a very short time ago, we
were sharing information with you about high
school student Steven Crudup.  With a single
crucial decision, the passing of a few months,
and several challenging weeks at the infamous
Marine Boot Camp at Parris Island, South
Carolina, we proudly present to you Pvt.
Steven Crudup, one of our country's newest
defenders of freedom.

Steven's graduation from Boot Camp took
place at Parris Island on April 8th as his proud
mother Carol Crudup, and proud sister Ashley
looked on.  While at Parris Island, Steven
distinguished himself by performing the
function of squad leader during part of that
time, and qualifying as Marksman with the
M-16 rifle.

We saw Steven while he was home just before
leaving for Advanced Infantry Training at
Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.  He still had his
easygoing manner, but underneath you could
see the lean, tough, confident look that is
symbolic of one who has undergone Marine
training.  While at Camp Lejeune, Steven will
be trained with a variety of weapons including
M-69 Grenades, the M-203 Grenade
Launcher, the M-249 "SAW" Assault Rifle.  His
training will include challenging 20 mile hikes
and a lot more that is not for the faint of heart.

Steven, on a five-year tour of duty, will
eventually become a member of the Marine's
Security Force, an elite group whose duties
include the guarding of U.S. Embassies
around the world, and other strategic locations.

Please join us in our prayers for Steven's safe
and rewarding tour of duty.  Those who know
him realize the Marines are lucky to have him,
and we are blessed to have him as one of
Freedom's Defenders.



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    "Semper Fidelis"

    The motto signifies the
    dedication that individual
    Marines are expected to have
    to "The Corps" and to their
    fellow fighting men and women,
    for the rest of their days and

    Semper Fidelis is the title of
    the official march of the United
    States Marine Corps,
    composed by John Phillip
    Sousa in 1889. Sousa was
    director of the United States
    Marine Corp Band when a
    replacement for Hail to the
    Chief was requested, but later
    rejected. Sousa considered it
    to be his "most musical" march.

    Photo Left:
    Marines raise the American Flag at
    Mt. Suribachi, Iwo Jima (Feb, 1945)

    Photo by
    Joe Rosenthal

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