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Yes, 'Tis the season for a lot of things.  Some will be jolly, some will be thankful,
some will be gloomy, some will be as much or as little as you can imagine, or some
combination thereof.  As the saying goes, “whatever will be will be.”

The year 2005 (and it’s not over yet) has proven thus far to be anything but boring,
anything but predictable.  One of the great lessons that has been reinforced in my
mind, is that no matter how bad things get, there are yet bright lights and hope.  
This lesson was driven home with unmistakable certainty as the news played and
replayed the quick devastation, followed by too long a period of inaction in
response to Hurricane Katrina.  Even in the shadow of that pitiful performance of a
government that can respond to international crisis in a matter of hours, there were
stories of heroism, sacrifice and leadership on the individual level that kept hope

We were encouraged to receive an e-mail message from a regular reader of our
five-times weekly Inspirational messages, that she was safe and sound in Houston,
Texas.  She thanked us profoundly for the positive information and inspirational
messages to victims and those assisting in the relief effort.  Ironically, were had not
previously been aware this person even lived in New Orleans.  When you are
helping and encouraging others and doing what you believe is God’s work, it  
doesn’t matter who they are and where they live.  What matters is that you are
making a difference.

We were likewise encouraged that our long time friend Margaret Gibson had
opened her Houston Home and her heart to Hurricane victims.  We understood that
however we could help was much less than we would have liked to do, but much
more than nothing.

One of the most challenging tasks during this ordeal was to hear of well meaning
people who had become what I refer to as “television victims” of the hurricane.  To
sit in front of the television hour after hour after hour sinking further and further
into depression did not help one hurricane victim.  Before tragedy strikes again, we
need to be about the business of understanding that we each have the power and
purpose to be of assistance.  We must understand that as individuals, we are more
powerful than others (or even ourselves) will admit.  We must connect ourselves
with other positive people and worthwhile organizations (churches, relief
organizations, etc.), because unfortunately, somewhere at some time, someone will
again need our help, and we cannot help others if we think we cannot help

Going forward into the Holiday Season, we hope that we can all nurture positive,
loving relationships, keeping in mind that nothing is guaranteed, and that if we
cannot look to each other for help, there is very little we can count on.

We pray that you take seriously our story inside this issue on Hurricane Katrina,
and likewise take the time to enjoy the other stories on the lighter side.  And please
take the time to read the Youth Corner.

We wish you a safe and happy Holiday Season.  Please keep in mind that the
season to be jolly, is also the season to watch for and be wary of parasites who
have dedicated themselves to steal, rob and in other ways ruin your season.

Henry & Dianne
"Seeing the world not as it is, but as it can be"
"Where there is no vision, the people perish." - Proverbs 29:18
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