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To celebrate our twenty years of marriage (August, 2005), Dianne and I planned a
five-day cruise to the island of Bermuda.  Twenty years is a long time to put up with
me, so I tried to make it another vacation of a lifetime.  Based on previous cruise
experiences we chose Royal Caribbean as our cruise line, and selected their
Voyager of the Seas October 2nd sailing.  The Voyager of the Seas was
everything described in Royal Caribbean’s advertisement, and more.  Longer than
three football fields, the ship took us effortlessly through the unpredictable waters
of the Atlantic toward Bermuda and its infamous triangle.  The truth of the matter is
we were blessed with no hurricanes or tropical storms, but in fact better weather
than had been predicted.  Just one week prior to sailing, the weather forecast for
our trip to, through and from Bermuda was rain, rain, rain, and rain, interrupted
only by one day of “Partly Cloudy.”  When the sailing date was upon us, the actual
cruise became mostly sunny, comfortably warm, and just what the doctor ordered.

I wondered how I could keep up with Dianne’s attempt to see every onboard show
and visit every corner of the ship.  My concerns were addressed when we dropped
enough hints that Dianne’s cousin Betty Suber joined us for the cruise.  Betty also
loves the shows, and with her along, I actually had the opportunity to RELAX.  See,
I remember how to spell it!

Realizing that we couldn’t take advantage of everything, our first decision was to
skip the Rock Climbing Wall, except to take photos of others trying their luck.  
Neither of us are “Beach people” but if we had been, we could have literally found
a home along the miles of beaches, that in some cases, do have the much talked
about pink sand.

Our tours included a nighttime trip along Bermuda’s coast to the edge of the
infamous Bermuda Triangle.  Our glass bottomed boat was maneuvered into an
area teeming with coral, a large variety of fish, jelly fish, and other assorted sea
creatures.  Our crew reminded us that we had actually chosen to pay money to
take a trip AT NIGHT to the SHIPWRECK CAPITAL OF THE WORLD (the waters off
Bermuda) at the edge of the BERMUDA TRIANGLE.  If that wasn’t enough to make
us question our sanity, they informed us that the crew we had entrusted our lives
to boasted an average age of 22 YEARS!  The crew informed us that if anyone
had second thoughts about their decision, they could be given a life jacket, climb
overboard, and wait to be picked up IF the boat returned from the Triangle.  
Obviously we all remained “confident” in the crew.  

The visit to the edge of the Bermuda Triangle was spectacular.  The lights from the
glass bottomed boat provided the stimulus for a lot of activity and a feeding
frenzy.  And the best news is that we all returned to the ship safely that night.

In addition to our brief encounter “living on the edge” we also took a narrated tram
tour along the Bermuda countryside, learning a little about the history and people
of Bermuda.  Another highlight of our cruise was taking the local bus into Hamilton,
which was almost an hour ride around the other side of the island from where we
were docked.  The Voyager of the Seas is too large to dock in Hamilton.  We spent
a few hours in Hamilton shopping (mostly window shopping).  It was enjoyable to
spend a few hours looking enough like the residents that other tourists would ask
us directions.  They had no clue that we had no clue.  

We decided to return to the ship by Ferry.  The residents of Bermuda proved to be
friendly, even the slightly intoxicated gentlemen we met while waiting for the Ferry.  
While standing on the dock waiting for the Ferry, our new-found friend managed to
get the attention of everyone nearby.  Then he announced that “I hate all you
tourists because every time I try to get on a bus, it’s full of tourists, and every time I
try to get on a ferry it’s full of tourists.”  Because he was slightly smiling, and barely
standing, the “tourists” laughed it off and he quickly ran out of steam.  Hopefully in
his more sober moments, he understands that if the bus and the ferry were not
“full of tourists” they probably would be out of business.

During our time in Bermuda and likewise on board ship there were no boring
moments.  There is truly something for everyone all the time.  There is not enough
space or time to share all that we did and experienced.  We would suggest you
consider a cruise for your next vacation, whether it’s for a special occasion, or just

All good things must come to an end, so eventually we had to return to the port in
New Jersey, and our home in Twinsburg, and prepare for the following week and
the wedding of my sister Jean to Emmanuel Lawrence.

The Transition . . .
Vacation to Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Oct. 7 (late in the evening)  - Oct. 14
Unpack, upload Bermuda vacation photos, wash clothes, put away, catch up on
mail and e-mail, return phone calls, pay bills, fix up, clean up, prepare for out of
town guests, go to the airport multiple times, shop, cut-up, dice, slice, cook,
prepare for Wedding Rehearsal Dinner, go to the Wedding Rehearsal, etc., etc.  
WOW, we need another vacation!

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