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"The Cleveland
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When you are the brother of the Bride, and your wife is the sister-in-law of the
Bride, it’s not a wedding day, it’s a wedding weekend.  It actually began several
months ago when my sister Jean announced to me that she and Emmanuel
planned to be married in Cleveland in a small ceremony on October 15th.  I
thought, OH that’s nice.  I will make sure I can fit into something presentable and
that afternoon I will get ready to go to the wedding.  I was right but not TOTALLY

I had no idea that this small wedding would possibly qualify as “Wedding of the
Century” with family and friends gathering from fourteen states!  I had no idea that
fifty people could become 130 people without giving birth.  I had no idea that the
few boxes my sister would be sending us prior to the wedding contained enough
giveaways to make Santa Claus seem like Ebenezer Scrooge.  I had no idea that
those boxes would fill up one end of our family room and overflow into our utility
room.  I had no idea that the small rehearsal dinner planned for a party of twelve at
a local restaurant, would end up becoming a party of twenty-three in our quaint little
home (Dianne’s idea!), and that same home would become temporary residence for
two out-of-town guests.  I should have known that I might be honored to give the
bride away, but that’s all I should have known.

And I really had no idea that the wedding party would consist of a singer from
California, a choir and musicians with members from North Carolina and Texas, and
a world renowned photographer from California.  How do you provide
transportation, lodging (in Cleveland’s newest hotel), food, and profit, to a
photographer who has photographed the likes of Luther Vandross, Antwone Fisher,
Ray Charles, Kwesi Mfume, Magic Johnson, Ossie Davis, Johnnie Cochran and a
host of others?  The answer is, NOT CHEAPLY!

With all the talent, and all the diversity, everyone had a great time during the
“Wedding Weekend.”  The wedding was perfect as well as entertaining as Pastor
George Johnson attempted to interject “Honor and Obey” into Jean’s wedding
vows.  Trying to get a senior vice-president of Human Resources to state
something not in her vocabulary is guaranteed to create a problem or produce
hysterical laughter.  It did the latter.

The reception was elaborate as the newly opened Marriott Hotel in Warrensville
Heights at Interstate 271 and Harvard Avenue displayed their ability to deliver top
quality food and service that is sure to earn them top ratings from guests and
customers.  Local disc jockey Nate DeLaughter did as he always does, played the
right music for the right occasion, while our newest “family member,” photographer
Leroy Hamilton astounded the audience by displaying wedding photos taken just
hours earlier at the wedding.  Leroy not only displayed his talent as a
photographer, but also charmed the audience with his personality, as he talked and
photographed, danced and photographed, and just plain got everyone involved.  I
contacted Leroy by e-mail a couple of days ago and let him know how much we
appreciated him and his work.  Not surprisingly, he took no credit, but replied that
he owed it all to God.

Dianne and I owe special thanks to Shirley, who helped clean up our home before
the wedding.  Thanks to Brenda Taylor who helped decorate for, plan and give the
Rehearsal Dinner.  Thanks to our houseguests Ruth Mitchell (cousin) and Delores
Williams (mother of the groom), who pitched in everywhere they could.  Thanks to
Walter & Maureen Williams and family (cousins) for providing backbreaking labor by
moving boxes from our home, for extra chairs for the Rehearsal Dinner, and for the
great Champagne.  And thanks to everyone I forgot to mention as I try to rush and
complete this newsletter on time, despite starting it nearly three weeks late.
Last, but not least,
Best Wishes to
Jean and Emmanuel