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Be not Conformed, but Go Forth!
Gasoline prices through the roof, natural gas costs projected to rise sharply,
school levies failing, corruption rampant from the State House (at least in Ohio)  to
the White House.  OH, forgive me, for a moment I thought I was a Six O'clock

So what does my temporary diversion have to do with VISIONS?  Well, for one
thing, we continue to find light at the end of the tunnel (that is not a freight train
coming at us).  We continue to find the Dia Collins, and Wayne Collins, and other
students who are preparing to become a part of the solutions, as opposed to
becoming participants and victims of the problems.

We continue to find that in spite of statistics of broken families, there are those who
work tirelessly to bring together and keep together not only immediate families, but
also extended families.  We find additional inspiration in the fact that some of these
talented, powerful and personable individuals often include that same younger
generation that statistics have often given up on.  They are individuals like our
cousins Nikita Thomas and Jordonna Collins of Detroit, who with the help of others,
hosted a “stand out” family reunion.

Then there is energetic Willie Johnson, professional speaker and consultant who
“fires up” J.B. Hunt employees by day, and still has enough in reserve to write,
speak and travel, inspiring others to excellence.  This month, Willie has blessed us
with not one, but two articles, filled with tidbits and “BIGbits” of potentially life-
altering information.

These are all serious people on serious missions.  You might not expect that from a
comedian, but one of the funniest people we know, comedian Mark Reedy recently
obtained a degree from Ohio Wesleyan University.  His stage presence may turn
many life experiences into a joke, but Mark also knows when and how to take life
seriously.  Mark understands that excuse-making, half-stepping,  rationalizing,
finger-pointing, indecision, and all forms of failure to take action in his own behalf is
eventually self-destructive.

Reaching beyond ones perceived experience, aspirations and vision has always
provided growth opportunities.  We were happy to learn that our friend and fellow
church member Alene Hill recently became a member of the American Business
Women’s Association (ABWA).  Alene joined the Women with Vision Charter
Chapter located in Broadview Heights, Ohio.  By doing so, she not only reached
across boundaries of aspirations and vision, but also across cultural experience
and beliefs.  Her move positions her perfectly to make a difference not only in her
future, but to set the stage for greater understanding and awareness for others,
even those whose path she will never cross.  From what we know about Alene,
ABWA’s Women with Vision Chapter is a big winner in Alene’s decision.

And last, but not least, an article about the Power of Association, a concept once
again demonstrated by the individuals featured in this issue.  Hopefully you will see
and appreciate the relevance as you read this issue.
"Seeing the world not as it is, but as it can be"
"Where there is no vision, the people perish." - Proverbs 29:18
Your Success Newsletter - Sep-Oct, 2005 - Published Bi-Monthly