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Youth & Young Adult Corner by Dianne Ford
Dia Collins - graduated from Basic Refrigeration and will be
completing High Pressure Boiler Operator at the end of August.
Her goal is to become a 1st steam chief engineer.  Dia was
previously invited to go Germany as an exchange student.
Because of her academic success graduated a year early.
During her senior year she took college classes at Henry Ford
Community College in Information Computer Systems and
Business Technology earning honor roll grades.

At only eight years of age,
Wayne Collins Jr. completed his
5th bible reading on the Theocratic Ministry School of
Jehovah's Witnesses.  Wayne gave his first bible reading
assignment at age six.  OH, almost forgot, Wayne is also an
Honor Roll student!

Chaz Mitchell – Son of Lita Mitchell, graduated from St.
Thomas Aquinas, and will be attending high school at
Villa Angela, St. Joseph Academy.  Chaz is a member of the
choir Men of Tomorrow, and don’t plan of teasing him about
singing, because he recently earned his Black Belt in the
martial art of Tae-Kwon-Do.

Congratulations to
Carl Taylor Jr. on his graduation from
Pershing High School in Detroit.

Congratulations to
Julian Taylor III who earned his
journeyman's degree as an electrician.  He distinguished
himself by remaining on the Dean's List the entire time.

Congratulations to
Latasha Temple from Macon, Georgia area
– Will be attending the University of Georgia.

Congratulations to
Brandi Thomas-Beasley  received her
Bachelors degree in Health Service Administration.

Sorry for the graduates we may have missed.  You each have
our sincere
CONGRATULATIONS for a bright and rewarding
future.  Congratulations also to the parents, extended family,
educators and all who are guiding these young people in the
right direction.
Dia Collins
Wayne Collins, Jr.
Brandi Thomas-Beasley