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You've Got To Give It - and Earn It
Willie Johnson - Performance Development Consultant
Everyone wants it, everyone needs it, but not everyone gets or
gives it. The “it” is RESPECT… and it’s something we all need
to move ahead in varying degrees.

There are two types of respect. First is basic human respect –
the kind you’re entitled to merely by being born. Everyone
deserves it equally because through birth, everyone is equal.
This type of respect is based on the fact that other people’s
needs, hopes, rights, dreams, ideas, and inherent worth are
just as important and valuable as your own. This is
demonstrated through specific behaviors such as:

  • Treating everyone with dignity, courtesy, and equality.
  • Appreciating different backgrounds, cultures, and ideas
    – not expecting everyone to be just like you. (Unless you’
    re perfect…)
  • Avoiding ethnic and sexually-oriented references and
  • Talking with people – not at them, and not about them.

This first kind of respect is purely and simply and entitlement;
one that comes with our human skin, regardless of its color or
condition. In short, we all deserve it.

The second type of respect is the kind you EARN by your
actions. This kind is different from the first, because it’s based
on “who” you are (the quality of your character) rather that
“what” you are (a human being); it comes from behavior rather
than mere birth. Since not everyone exhibits the same behavior
and character, not everyone gets the same amount of this

Do you want your judgment, opinions, and skills respected? Do
you want to be respected for your dependability? If your
answer is “YES” - you must earn that by demonstrating that
your judgment, opinions, and skills are “respect-worthy” – and
you must be consistently dependable. In short – you must be a
person of integrity!


In the words of the great Jackie Robinson, “I’m not concerned
with you liking or disliking me… all I ask is that you respect me
as a human being”.

Publisher’s Comment:  There is something very reassuring
about having access to Willie Johnson as a guest writer.  For
years as I have used the written and spoken word to try to uplift
the human experience, I have always looked to find someone in
the “Amen Corner.”  Knowing Willie Johnson is much better,
because he “comes out of the corner swinging,” not just
pushing one toward excellence, but also leading them into it.  
Thanks again Willie for your contributions.

If you would like to contact Willie Johnson to speak to your
organization, you may reach him at:
or telephone him at: (479) 770-1566   or Mobile: (479) 409-