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Alene Hill Joins
American Business Women's Association
Our Congratulations go to our friend and fellow church member
Alene Hill.  Alene recently joined the American Business
Women’s Association (ABWA).  Alene is well known for her
friendly smile, engaging personality, and very supportive
nature.  Alene is a member of the Mt. Zion Church of Oakwood
Village where Rev. Dr. Larry L. Macon Sr. is the pastor.  We
are confident that ABWA has grown by leaps and bounds by
the addition of this dynamic lady.  

Having worked with Alene on the church newsletter, I witnessed
first-hand her dedication, and her ability and willingness to be
flexible and work with circumstances as they exist.  When faced
with obstacles, challenges and discouragement, to paraphrase
the words of Mia Angelo, she would “Rise.”  When Alene
encounters friends and associates who have been “battered by
the winds of adversity,” her compassion, her words, and her
deeds cause them “to Rise.”

The stated mission of ABWA is “To bring together
businesswomen of diverse occupations and to provide
opportunities for them to help themselves and others grow
personally and professionally through leadership, education,
networking support and national recognition.”  Alene’s
membership is with the Women with Vision Charter Chapter
located in Broadview Heights, Ohio.

I was moved by the chapter’s activities and involvement which
are too lengthy to mention here.  An example of the positive
thinking and action that exists in ABWA and particularly within
the Broadview Heights chapter is evident in the following
Message from The President:

Dear Women with Vision,

It has been an absolutely awesome two years of both personal
and professional growth, not only for Women with Vision, but
for me as well. I have learned many new business techniques
chartering this chapter; it has been like starting a company.

It was a turning point in my life that I would definitely take again!
It was not by any means a cakewalk, but well worth every
minute that I devoted to it. It was challenging, exhilarating and
the feeling of accomplishment is wonderful. You are such a
great group of women!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank one individual who
was by my side this entire journey and never missed a
formation meeting, board meeting or chapter meeting and that
is Pat Krizansky! I can’t say enough about her dedication, her
loyalty and support. Without her beside me, it may never have
been done – thank you Pat.

As I will be starting the other two new student chapters, I would
look forward to those of you with an interest to join me in this
very rewarding journey. I assure you, you will love it, and will
come away feeling great!

I am also looking forward to the passing of the gavel at the
August meeting when the new board will be installed. I will
remain on the Board in an advisory capacity, but I am so
looking forward to being just a member and chairing the
Program and Publicity committees (anybody want to be a co-
chair with me)? I will also continue growing our chapter and
bringing it to new heights: my goal is another 30 members this
year. Please join me. We can make it happen!

Thank you all for your kind words as I am stepping down. You
are all very special to me now, and you will always be special to
me! My sincere blessings, congratulations and good luck to the
new incoming board: Barb Davis, President, Sheila Stupka,
Vice President, Carole Leonard, Secretary and Mona Fodor,
Treasurer. Thank you for carrying on Women with Vision.


Alene’s membership in this already great chapter should result
in additional chapter achievements while adding to her own
personal and professional growth.  We are proud of Alene and
look forward to her bright and rewarding future.  Best wishes to
Alene, her very supportive husband, Edward Hill, and the
Women with Vision Charter Chapter of ABWA.