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Valuing & Accepting Diversity
What stories will bless VISIONS readers in this issue?  What is the common thread

  • A pre-teen excelling in school in spite of changing schools four times in two
  • Another pre-teen happy at the opportunity to participate in off-hours learning
  • A single mother not yet thirty years of age, raising a son and in hot pursuit of
    a Doctorate Degree
  • A quiet but persistent student athlete, educating others through common
    sense, enlightened reasoning and eloquent commentary
  • A young African American male distinguishing himself as a writer and
    director, working with clients such as Disney, MGM, Coca Cola and others
  • A corporate trainer going far beyond the present limits of his employment,
    and spreading his sphere of influence with not one, but two articles
  • A highly credentialed nurse who asked that her title NOT be given, but just
    wants to share life-saving information

There is quite a bit of diversity among those who make up this issue, as there
usually is.  They are male and female.  Their intelligence ranges from average to
exceptional.  Some are married, but most are single.  They are African American
and Caucasian.  They represent “worker” and management and entrepreneur.  
They live on both coasts and in “middle America.”  Their incomes range from Zero
to “Six Digits.”  Their current careers/occupations include students, Human
Services, Entertainment, Information Systems and Health Care.  In their diversity lie
the qualities that make this a great nation; many backgrounds and aspirations,
each forging ahead toward positive goals and worthwhile lives.  For that I and
hopefully most of our readers are grateful.

In stark contrast, from an “educated” business owner, I recently received an e-mail
entitled “Merry Christmas?”  The e-mail of 275 confusing and belittling words,
beginning with “For My Democratic Friends”, was obviously meant to insult all
Democrats.  At the end was the message “For My Republican Friends: Here's
wishing all of You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”  Even in celebration
of Christ, some magnify the differences.  Is that what Christ died for?  One might
argue that “It’s just a joke.”

Ironically however, several weeks ago, from the same source I received a message
relating to Hurricane Katrina that was super-critical of African-Americans and
Democrats.  Once again, the person passing this garbage along is intent on
“slapping a degrading label” on anyone different from their perceived perfection of
themselves.  I share this information to urge readers to keep being different and to
pray and work toward understanding others.  There are powerful forces at work
that insist we all be the same or be gone; forces that produced people like for
example, Adolph Hitler.

Remember if you are featured in, or reading VISIONS, chances are, YOU are the
“Salt of the earth,” no matter what color God made you, or who your circumstances
and beliefs led you to vote for.

If you wish to review either of the e-mails I’ve referred to, please let me know.
"Seeing the world not as it is, but as it can be"
"Where there is no vision, the people perish." - Proverbs 29:18
Your Success Newsletter - Jan-Feb, 2006 - Published Bi-Monthly