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Mapping Your Future for Success
By Willie Johnson
Thanks for the following from Willie Johnson:

Mapping Your Future for Success

Do you want to “have” more than you’ve had in the
past?  Do you want to “do” more than you’ve done in
the past?  Do you want to “be” more than you’ve been
in the past?  Well, my friends, if you want to have
more than you’ve had in the past, do more than you’
ve done in the past, and be more than you’ve been in
the past;  I challenge you to embrace the philosophy
“If it is to be.. It is up to me” (you).  Our future is not a
matter of chance; it is a matter of choice!

It has been said that no one plans to fail, they just fail
to plan.  Without a map to your future, chances are
you will end up going nowhere.  Therefore, for your
consideration, here are six strategies to Mapping Your
Future for Success.

Find Your Calling:   The first and foremost step to
successfully mapping your future is to find your calling
(your central mission in life).  It is my position that your
life’s plan should reflect the loves of your life, the work
you love to do, the people you love to be with, and
most importantly, the things you long to accomplish.

Visualize Your Ideal Future:  You won’t know
whether you have reached your destination unless
you have a good idea of what that destination looks
like.  Therefore, visualizing where you want to be in
the future is absolutely essential to arriving there.

Get Specific:  The clearer your goals and the more
specific your vision, the greater success you will enjoy
in mapping your future, and in reaching your

Important Things First:  Highly effective people are
not necessarily those who get hundreds of things
done, but those who get the most important things
done.  They concentrate on scheduling their priorities,
not prioritizing their schedule.  Therefore, I believe the
key to successfully mapping your future is to do first
things first (those things that matter most).

Be Proactive:  Proactive people take responsibility
for their own lives, rather than blaming their
circumstances on other people, or bad luck.   They
enthusiastically take charge of their circumstances,
mapping their future, and constantly think of new ways
to fulfill their life’s mission.   

Allow For The Unexpected:  Change is constant;
therefore, reaching our goals and mapping our future
requires that we allow for the unexpected, and adapt
or correct our course as needed.

As you look forward to the year 2006, which is just
around the corner, I challenge you to focus on new
possibilities and opportunities.  Take the initiative in
mapping a future that excites and energizes you.  If
you would embrace and use the strategies mentioned
above, I am certain they will help you to “have” more
that you’ve had in the past, “do” more than you’ve
done in the past, and “be” more than you’ve been in
the past.  

May you have a fantastic future,
filled with success!
"Seeing the world not as it is, but as it can be"
"Where there is no vision, the people perish." - Proverbs 29:18
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