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What You Think About . . . You Bring About

By Willie Johnson
Professional Speaker / Performance Development Consultant

As you look toward the future, I encourage
you to guard your mind from negative
thoughts and emotions. You are in control of
your thoughts. You can put a stop to a
negative thought the moment it enters your
mind. Is this easy? No, but it is absolutely
critical to your ultimate success in life.

One effective tool for you to use is to
replace worry with a positive vision. Worry
brings fear, nervousness and frustration. It
distracts us and keeps us from operating at
our optimum level.

Worry stems from FEAR. I have found that in
90% of all cases, FEAR is negative. Yes,
there are times when fear can be healthy –
like choosing not to walk too close to the
edge of a cliff. But for the most part, FEAR is
nothing more than FALSE EVIDENCE

The problem with allowing your mind to
obsess and worry over something you fear
is that by doing so you can actually manifest
the very thing your fear into your reality.
Remember, our subconscious mind works
hard to bring about the thoughts we focus
on the most.

So here’s the plan: when you start to worry
over something, instead of doing what most
people do and imagining the worst possible
scenario as being inevitable, begin to
imagine the BEST possible outcome you can
think of. Instead of obsessing over “what
could or might” happen that is bad, begin to
vividly imagine that what WILL happen is a
good and positive outcome. If you’ll do this, I
guarantee that you’ll begin to see GOOD
things happen and you’ll eliminate the bad.

Another way to eliminate the majority of fear
and worry is to practice living in the “NOW”.
Most people miss out on a large portion of
life because they’re either stuck in the past,
or they spend their time worrying about what
the future holds and what terrible things are
headed their way. The truth is, NOW – the
PRESENT – is your only point of power.
Yesterday is over. Tomorrow hasn’t
happened. Today, this minute, is all you
really can depend on. So use this moment to
create the life you desire. When your mind
starts to wonder backwards to the past or
forward to the future, stomp your feet on the
floor, breathe the air around you and live in
the moment.

Just remember, what you THINK about, you
BRING about!
"Seeing the world not as it is, but as it can be"
"Where there is no vision, the people perish." - Proverbs 29:18
Your Success Newsletter - Jan-Feb, 2006 - Published Bi-Monthly