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Winter Adventures

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How does a man celebrate his 65th Birthday?  DUH; surrounded by beautiful

And where was Dianne while this was going on?  On the other end of the camera,
taking the photo of course.  This photo was taken the day after the “Party of a
lifetime,” which included:
  • 21 Slabs of Ribs
  • 30 Pounds of Catfish
  • 10 Quarts of Chinese Spaghetti
  • 2 Huge Containers of Coleslaw
  • A Carrot Salad Containing 5 lbs. of Carrots Plus Other Ingredients
  • A Full Sheet Cake
  • A Home-Baked 4-layer Cake
  • A LOT of happy, friendly people

One might think that after such a celebration, I would sit still for awhile, but they
would be wrong.  In addition to the normally busy schedule of January and
February, we spent time visiting Anthem, Arizona (near Phoenix).  Anthem was our
“Home” for three days, where we visited friends and former neighbors Michael &
Cindy Strang and their family, Paige, Meghan and “Little Michael”.  Our adventures
included enjoying their beautiful home and hospitality, sightseeing, shopping,
seeing homes that you would not believe, watching a Wild West shootout (along
with gun safety and warnings), and visiting and “prospecting” at the historic Vulture
Gold Mine in the Sonoran Desert.

After reluctantly leaving the Phoenix area, we were off to Altadena, California to visit
my sister Jean and her husband Emmanuel.  We arrived Friday afternoon and were
there all of fifteen hours before taking a round trip Amtrak Train ride to Oceanside,
California to spend a few hours with Dianne’s cousins, Doris, Walter, Donna and
Hope of nearby Vista and San Marcos, California.  They treated us to lunch, good
company, and sightseeing.

Later that evening, we again boarded Amtrak for the return trip to the Los Angeles
area and more sightseeing, eating, and good company.

Sunday morning it was off to an 8:00 A.M. Church Service with Jean and
Emmanuel, at the New Revelation Baptist Church where Rev. William Turner Jr. is
the Pastor.  We were treated to Emmanuel’s singing talents as part of the choir at
New Revelation.  

Then it was off to Brunch, followed by more good company, the inevitable packing
our luggage, and then an absolutely fabulous dinner at the home of Barbara

In what seemed to be but a moment, we were off to Burbank Airport to mark the
beginning of the end of a six-day adventure that left us wiser, more thankful for
good relatives and good friends, but totally exhausted.  Even though the return
flight to Cleveland was flawless, we urge you to think twice about taking the “Red
Eye Special,” and not think at all about a plane change in Las Vegas with 30
minutes between flights.  I was absolutely certain that flights that close together
would not be assigned to gates in completely different sections of the terminal.  
Unless you and your traveling companions are marathon runners, we urge you try
to select a more sane connection schedule.

Anyway, we made it back to Cleveland at 5:30 A.M. Monday morning, and after a
few hours of real sleep, we are rejuvenated (so why do I still feel tired?) and ready
to start thinking of our next adventure.  


Just hours after Dianne and I left Altadena, California, and yards from my sister and
brother-in-law’s home, this 80-pound mountain lion made national news by being
spotted, tranquilized, and removed before it had a chance to eat anyone.  Maybe
our next vacation should be on our patio!


Michael Strang “Little Michael” (front) poses with members of the
Wild West Show during our visit to nearby Anthem, Arizona.  Michael
and hundreds of other grateful audience members received
valuable and extensive gun safety information prior to the lively and
spirited “shootout.”

Michael is currently studying karate, and fears very little.  He
considers himself the “strongest” in the family, so we suspect that no
one had better mess with his sisters, Paige and Meghan.  Michael,
an excellent student, does have a soft spot and a kind heart.  When
he discovered that I recently celebrated a birthday, he drew an
American Flag and presented it to me as a birthday gift.

Meghan (left) and Paige Strang (right) enjoy a little exercise and
relaxation as they help escort us around Vulture Mine near
Phoenix, Arizona.  Meghan and Paige are both excellent students,
and Paige has been accepted into the International
Baccalaureate Program at Barry Goldwater High School.

In addition to their notable academic achievements, both are
active in soccer and swimming.  And for three days in February
they shared their love and were the perfect hostesses during our
And while "Little Michael" plays, what does "Big Michael" do?  We thought you would never ask!
Live in or know someone in the Phoenix area?
To inquire about Michael Strang's Services,
"Seeing the world not as it is, but as it can be"
"Where there is no vision, the people perish." - Proverbs 29:18
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