When God Gives You Winter . . .


Winter Adventures

Deborah Edwards
(Semester at Sea)

Why Shortcuts
Seldom Work

Why It Pays To ALWAYS
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When God Gives
You Winter . . .

Oh, Mary Don't
You Weep

If It Seems Too Good
To Be True . . .






Many of us, the writer included have winter
defined somewhere between “I’ll be glad when it’s
over” to “I wouldn’t live where it snows if you paid
me!”   Yes, some ski and some snowboard, but
many times the outings are followed (and
sometimes overshadowed) by the inside of the Ski
Lodge, as though maybe even the rugged
outdoor type are quick to retreat to warmth and

It is said that if God gives you lemons, make
lemonade, and to some hardy souls, if He give
you ice, make the best of that also.  It is obvious
to me that there are people who will let nothing
like a little ice stop them from artistic endeavors
which boggle the mind.  We were fortunate to
have our friend Martha Davis send us photos from
an Ice Festival in Lake Placid, New York, where
people are not intimidated, but are driven to
create excellence while people like myself would
be running for heated hotels.

Hats off - or on second thought, keep on hats,
gloves and everything else; but
CONGRATULATIONS to those who brave the
cold, have the ability, and hone their talents to
create masterpieces like these.  If it were up to
me, the most artistic ice I would create would be
that of a partially dissolved ice cube, created while
the thermostat is set to 70 degrees.  

Our thanks to Martha Davis, and to her sister
Thelma Chevannes for keeping us abreast of
some of the things we might not otherwise have

If you have photos or a story that you feel might
be of interest to our readers, we encourage you
to share it with us.
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