"Oh, Mary Don't You Weep"
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Deborah Edwards
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Why Shortcuts
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When God Gives
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Oh, Mary Don't
You Weep

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To Be True . . .






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Whether you’re a long-time reader of VISIONS, or you’ve joined us recently, you
are probably aware of the superb work of Margaret Ford-Taylor.  This nationally
known playwright and Kennedy Center Award Recipient is well known for her
mesmerizing plays.  As founder of the Cleveland Art Theatre (CAT), Ford-Taylor
has built upon the foundation of a sterling reputation to once again bring the best
of theatre to Northeast Ohio.

Ford-Taylor, along with Joyce Meadows, the very competent staff, the CAT board of
directors, actors, actresses, musicians, and the entire crew create an unbeatable
combination that have area theatre goers in anxious anticipation before they arrive,
on the edge of their seats during the performance, and on the telephone with
friends and relatives when they leave the theatre.  Many performances of “Oh Mary
Don’t You Weep” are already sold out.

Thanks to my very insightful wife, we have reserved a block of tickets for the
Sunday, April 2nd Matinee performance of “Oh Mary Don’t You Weep” at a
reduced price of $17.00 per seat.  

Tickets for this performance at the $17.00 price are available on a first-come, first-
served basis, and may be purchased by contacting Dianne Ford at 330-425-8776.  
Please join us for this very memorable experience.

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Margaret Ford-Taylor (Writer), Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Cleveland Art Theatre (CAT), is
recognized for her work in the theatre arts over the last several decades as a teacher, director,
playwright, actress and arts administrator. Two-time Emmy nominee, Ford-Taylor is the recipient
of many awards, commendations and honors. This season, in addition to her work with Tales &
Scales, her commissions include work with the Paul Robeson Theatre in Buffalo, New York; The
West Angeles Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles, California and with Creative Writing
Projects in Cleveland, Ohio. Former Executive Director of Cleveland's Karamu House and its
performing arts theatre, Ford-Taylor currently teaches theatre arts at Cleveland State University
and the University of Akron.

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