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Each year I make a point to bring attention to the importance of participating
and attending programs honoring Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Black
History Month.  This year in an effort to insure “fresh thinking” and perhaps
a different twist, I decided to seek the help of the Internet.  I was encouraged
when my search on “MLK Programs” netted me over 673,000 hits.  I was
doubly encouraged to see that the 3rd link on the first page was an MLK
Scholars Program at

GREAT I thought, the U.S. Government recognizing the importance of MLK
Day and offering something of value.  Imagine my great disappointment to
follow the link and find the following “Notice: This program is no longer
available.  Summer internships under this program are not being offered in

Now that’s the best explanation I can offer as why we need to personally
think and act to extend the philosophy of Dr. King.  Because 43 years after
the March on Washington, the government of the “richest nation in the
world” has the capacity to wage war in distant lands, but in this instance has
chosen to discontinue the support of Dr. King’s philosophy.  A holiday
honoring Dr. King without meaningful action becomes a day off.  We don’t
need another day off, we need some more days on.  Those who seek to roll
back the hands of time take no days off.  They are alive and well (if not well-
meaning) “24-7-365.”

There is a quote “If it is to be, it is up to me.”  I am sure you can apply this
quote to Dr. King’s question, “Where do we go from here?”

If all is well with and around you, you may just decide to skip this page and
go on to enjoy a less challenging and more entertaining article.  If however,
you have any concerns about crime, teen pregnancy, domestic violence, the
quality of education, lack of jobs, the cost of life-saving medicine, health
care, the soundness of Social Security, availability of safe and adequate
housing, driving while black, etc., you may want to continue this article.

O.K., I will stop, but remember, I didn’t create these issues, yet the issues
remain.  If you believe in the teachings of history, not only do the issues
remain, but they will intensify, and multiply, and become magnified.  All this
will our challenges do unless and until we stand up to them spiritually,
mentally, and physically.  And I’m not knocking anybody’s heroes, because
some of them are my heroes too.  But Senator Barack Obama can’t fix
everything, nor can Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones, nor can
Mayor Frank Jackson, nor can anyone you’ve elected, supported, or
designated as a leader.  Leaders are people too, with their own limitations,
liabilities and limits of responsibility.  So great are the challenges, that to
delegate your future to others is to insure a bleak and disastrous outcome.

So as Dr. King’s birthday and Black History month approach, plan some
positive action to participate in, or support, or attend; or encourage
something that is designed to build knowledge and character.  The dream
can live only if we continue to dream.  The dream will come true only if we
continue to act.
"Seeing the world not as it is, but as it can be"
"Where there is no vision, the people perish." - Proverbs 29:18
Your Success Newsletter - Jan-Feb, 2007 - Published Bi-Monthly