Henry & Dianne Ford
When our friend and neighbor Norman Thomas asked me to consider being the
Keynote Speaker for the annual Brunch Meeting of The Over The Hill Track Club
(OTHTC), my first thought was, “How can I run and hide?”  I tried to imagine being the
inspiration and motivation for a group whose members probably expend more energy
by noon on Monday than I do the entire week.  What could I possibly say to inspire
them to greater achievements?

Thankfully after days of thinking and rethinking, the subject matter and theme
appeared as though it was always there.  You May Be Able To Run, But You Cannot
Hide became the theme to promote The Power of Association.  My presentation
focused upon the primary emphasis of my second book, The Power of Association.

Most organizations at one time or another (and many at most times) operate whereby
80% of the work is done by 5% of the membership.  In many organizations, some of
that 5% suffer from early burnout, find their way into a remote non-functional part of
the organization, and in some cases simply leave the organization completely.  I’ve
been there and done that, on more than one occasion.  I decided that I would focus
my presentation on the personal and professional growth potential of volunteerism,
organizational involvement and networking.  As I listened to those whose comments
preceded and followed my own, it was apparent that I had hit paydirt in my topic title,
subject matter, and presentation content.  Sometimes in our efforts to be solutions to
many people and situations, we stray from our appointed “Purpose.”

In addition to the business purpose for being with OTHTC, Dianne and I truly enjoyed
ourselves.  The hospitality was excellent, the members did some good natured ribbing
among themselves, yet devoted time and energy to the task of insuring that the
organization business was taken care of.  It was a very dynamic, inspirational and
friendly group.  We even met a former member of the 1948 U.S. Olympic Team, who
competed under her maiden name of Bernice Robinson.  In 1949 she went on to win
the 50 yard hurdles at the U.S. indoor meet.  Outdoors, she repeated as the national
champion in the 80 meter hurdles.  Bernice set indoor and outdoor records during her
career.  In 1984, competing under her married name, Bernice Holland, she returned
to track and field as a masters competitor.  Bernice also made a name for herself in
the high jump and set records in shot put, discus, javelin and weight pentathlon.
At the brunch (at age 77), soft-spoken Bernice Robinson carries herself like a
champion, looks the part of a champion, and is truly an inspiration.  So, was I sent to
OTHTC to inspire, or was I sent there to be inspired?  My thanks to Norman and the
OTHTC Selection Committee for the opportunity to have my “Fifteen minutes of
Fame.” Thanks also for causing me to re-center myself back to basics.

"Over The Hill is a Masters Track & Field club that has been in existence since the mid
1970's.  The club is based in Cleveland, Ohio, but has members from several other
states.  Our club is made up of athletes of all ages and skill levels competing in local,
national and international meets.   We host two track meets in the summer, as well as
a Cross Country Meet and a Weight Pentathlon in the fall.”

The following are just a few reasons why you might consider joining the club:

  • A monthly newsletter which contains results from previous meets, information
    and entry forms for upcoming meets, training tips and information on nutrition.
  • Club relay teams have participated and won at national meets.   All members
    are eligible to compete on the age group relay teams.
  • Members that travel to national or regional masters meets are eligible for token
  • Members receive a discount at Second Sole sporting goods store.
  • There are no standards or qualifying levels required to compete.   We welcome
    new runners as well as elite athletes.
  • Club members hold regular workouts during the summer and fall months.
  • Several members are either coaches or have trained athletes in the various
    areas of track and field.  They are eager to share information and training
    techniques with those who want to try a new event or improve on an existing
  • The club puts on annual events that allow members to get together, have some
    fun, socialize and make new contacts.  We believe one of the most important
    aspects of being a member is building friendships with other members.

For more information about Over The Hill Track Club, visit them at
Additional information also may be obtained by calling 330-425-8219.
"Seeing the world not as it is, but as it can be"
"Where there is no vision, the people perish." - Proverbs 29:18
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Back to Basics With The Power of Association
My Fifteen Minutes of Fame with The Over The Hill Track Club
By Henry Ford



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