Henry & Dianne Ford
Losing Weight, Getting In Shape, and other promises to take
better care of our bodies no doubt rank right at the top of New
Year’s Resolutions.  It is probably no coincidence that just before
the publication deadline, I became aware of what a good friend
and acquaintance was doing to improve not only her physical
health, but the spiritual and mental also.  I’ve always known Burma
Stewart to be mentally and physically sharp, but did not really give
a thought as to the underlying reasons.  I suppose I just thought,
“Well God blessed her with that.”  Well, He did bless her, not with
just what you see on the outside, but with the wisdom and spirit to
become the absolute best she can be through a combination of
spiritual, mental and physical discipline.  Her ability to set goals
and pursue them, along with a nurturing and giving spirit, has
created the Burma we know.

I first heard about Burma’s business ventures on a cassette tape
by motivational speaker Les Brown.  At that time, one of her claims
to fame was baking cheesecakes.  Just recently she made news by
appearing on TV Channel 3 to share a little of her exercise
program, and talk about being featured in the January 2007
edition of Essence Magazine.

In an article entitled Fabulous at any Age - Grown and Sexy,
Burma gladly reveals her age (which proves age is just a number)
and is quoted as saying “Sexy is a state of mind.”  In my interest of
continuing a very happy marriage of over twenty-one years, I am
pleading the Fifth Amendment.  Gentleman, check out the
magazine, but do not allow your jaw to drop in the presence of
your significant other.  Ladies, check out the magazine, and be
prepared to discard the excuses you may be leaning on about
becoming more fit during the coming year.

In all seriousness, Burma and the other ladies featured in Essence
should be an inspiration to all of us, male and female, to do better
during the coming year.  Those of us who are grounded spiritually
understand that Burma’s presence in Essence magazine, her
appearance on television, our tuning in that day, and all of the
above occurring as we were approaching our publication deadline
could not have been coincidental.  All this was destined to occur.

So the question becomes, “Where do we go from here?”  One
obvious and reasonable answer would be to contact Burma
Stewart and tap into her knowledge, experience and inspiration.  
Burma is so much more than could be described in a magazine
article or on a television program.  When we e-mailed our
congratulations, she stopped her busy schedule (including
updating her own web site) and quickly responded.  We all know
people that having appeared on television and in a national
publication, would have suddenly become “too busy” or “too
important.”  Because of who she is inside, Burma remains
grounded and a pleasure to connect with.  

Burma’s program of improvement encompasses the total person.  
Her workout includes Yoga, Meditation, Weight Training,
Cardiovascular Workout, and much, much more.  In fact, for me
(an obvious exercise ‘novice’) to try to explain her program, would
be a disservice to what she has to offer.  A much wiser and more
productive result can be obtained by visiting Burma’s web site at
www.bodybyburma.com.  She can also be reached by phone at

If you still aren’t convinced that Burma can help you with that very
elusive New Year’s resolution, please consider that she is certified
by the International Fitness Association, and is a member of the
Living Truth Center for Better Living, a Licensed teacher of
Universal Foundation for Better Living, member of Women of The
Word, a Sunday School Teacher and member of the Writers

Burma is also the author of Spirit-Mind-Body, which is available
through her website at
"Seeing the world not as it is, but as it can be"
"Where there is no vision, the people perish." - Proverbs 29:18
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Getting in Shape In 2007?
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