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Bless Your Enemies,
Bless Yourself!

Are you in conflict with anyone or anything? What or who has you upset?  Do you
know the affects of lower thinking or the benefits of higher thinking?

Bless your enemies, bless yourself.

And by the same token, when you curse your enemies, you curse yourself.

We've all got good reason to curse our enemies, after all they're just plain wrong.
They don't like us and we don't like them. And they're out to do us harm. And...

No matter how justified we are in cursing our enemies, when we do so, we curse
ourselves. Because when we direct negative energy or thoughts at another, we
experience that negativity within our own heart, body, and mind.

Just think about someone you consider an enemy. Pay attention to your negative
thoughts and the feelings which arise in your body. Chances are your stomach,
shoulders, neck and back instantly begin to tighten. You may feel your heart
pumping faster as your blood pressure raises. Most likely you feel a headache
coming on. If you do muscle testing, you'll quickly discover your negative thoughts
about your enemy physically weaken your entire body and drain your energy!  Plus,
it's going to put you in a really bad mood which lowers your energetic frequency so
you'll block out all the Divine Guidance you could be receiving to help you resolve
the situation.

Author James Arthur Ray summed it up best by saying, "unforgiveness is like
drinking poison and expecting the other person to die."

It's easy to see how cursing your enemies literally curses your Self.  But why would
anyone want to bless their enemies?

When you bless your enemies, you literally bless yourself.

Think of someone you love and how good you feel when you give them a gift or
bless them. Your body relaxes and fills up with positive energy. Your enthusiasm,
inspiration and creativity expands. You open the gateway for Divine Guidance to
flow through, helping you serve the person you are blessing. You feel great about
what you're doing... both while doing it and afterward when your loved one shows
their appreciation.

Now bless your enemies and it will add a whole new dimension to the grace of
blessing others.  If you're in conflict with someone and sincerely ask for God's
blessing to bring them peace, love, well-being, and abundance, you will receive the
benefit of their blessing. Think about it...

If your enemy's heart is filled with conflict and hatred toward you, then God blesses
them filling them to overflowing with love and peace, they no longer have the desire
to war with you because they are now filled with love and peace!  If they are also
blessed with well-being and abundance they have absolutely no need to desire what
you have because they have enough of their own!  In blessing your enemy, you
remove both the need and the desire for conflict in the first place.

There's also the matter of what you send out, you draw back to you in increased
measure. If you take a few moments each day to visualize and pray blessings to the
entire planet, you create an incredibly positive and powerful energy field around you
which truly attracts life's greatest blessings.

So bless your enemies, bless your Self!

-- © February 18th, 2007, Sir Froggie & JMP

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