An Evening with Bob Proctor

Valuable Moments of Revelation, Education, Inspiration and More

“Going Back to The Well” is a term I first heard used by motivational speaker Les
Brown.  In using the term, Les spoke of how those in the helping professions
need to refresh and renew themselves periodically to keep their edge.  Inspiring
others, although rewarding, is not the easiest task in the world, particularly when
you consider that most of us face similar challenges.  Recently I decided to “go
back to the well.”

The location was the Fine Arts Center at the
Mt. Zion Church of Oakwood
Village, where Rev. Dr. Larry L. Macon, Sr. is the pastor.  The occasion was to
hear a message from best-selling author, lecturer, counselor, business
consultant, entrepreneur, and teacher Bob Proctor.  Bob’s web site describes his
life’s mission as “sharing positive thinking, self-motivation and maximizing human
potential.”  The site also states that “Bob follows in the footsteps of such
motivational giants as Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale and Wallace D. Wattles.”

Before I attended Bob’s session at Mt. Zion, I was fully aware that he walked in
the footsteps of greatness.  In fact, I am among many others that receive daily e-
mail messages from, courtesy of Bob.  Rather than
keeping him to myself, I also provide a link to his web site from

Even with what I knew about Bob, I could not appreciate just how compelling his
message was until I sat in his audience.  In addition to common sense (it’s not all
that common we know), and book sense, and street sense, Bob Proctor
possesses the uncanny ability to put it all together.  Then he uses his business
sense and his desire to share to package it in a way that defies you to remain
negative.  Truly Bob not only walks in the footsteps of greatness, but he exudes
the presence of greatness.

I would be doing both you and Bob a disservice if I attempted to rehash the
message he shared.  I would urge you to check out his web site, and if and when
the opportunity arises, do yourself a favor and hear his message.  What I can
share is that Bob’s vast background and commitment in the area of motivation
revealed to me many things, reminded me of many other things, and renewed in
me a sense of commitment and urgency.  Among his many revelations, he
reminded me that “What you argue for you get to keep,” referring to the negative
self-talk we sometimes engage in.  He reminded me that our paradigms are “a
collection of other people’s habits,” and they are not always good habits.  I
particularly enjoying him sharing with us that “The true dividing lines for mankind
are not borders, color or language, but simply ignorance and its polar opposite,

Besides having the opportunity to hear Bob speak, each audience member was
presented with a copy of his best-selling book, You Were Born Rich.  As a
bonus, Bob autographed copies of his book, and it was during this part of the
evening that another part of his greatness was revealed to me.  I have had
occasion to autograph books and speak with audience members as Bob was
doing.  I watched as one young lady had her book autographed, and instead of
engaging in a brief exchange with Bob and moving along, she talked, and talked,
and talked, and talked.  I was close enough to hear that she was bending Bob’s
ear with her personal drama of why she “shoulda, coulda, woulda.”  I watched as
Bob listened patiently, and finally and skillfully reached for the book of the next
person in line.  He showed no expression of “lady please,” but like the true
master of his craft that he is, he did what was necessary to move things along,
showing respect for those waiting patiently in line, but not embarrassing
someone who wanted a free and very untimely personal consultation.

Hearing Bob’s message reminded me of my two books.  Success is You is filled
with arguments in favor of positive self-talk, while The Power of Association
speaks volumes about the positive effects of synergism.  I am encouraged that I
have already incorporated so much of what Bob shared with us, and I look
forward to continue to grow and share with others.  My evening of “returning to
the well” was a timely and truly life-enhancing experience.

Henry & Dianne Ford


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An Evening with Bob Proctor
Valuable Moments of Revelation,
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