No Special Skills Or Experience
Required To Get Started!

This opportunity is ideal for ANYONE that wants to make a great income
from home. It doesn't matter if you
no nothing. I will teach you everything
that you'll need to know really fast in order for you to start making money
right away. I'll provide easy step-by-step instructions on how to start
making money right away. You will be amazed at how easy it is.

Publisher’s Comment:  The above advertisement in Italics was copied from
one of the many e-mails we receive.  We color coded the word “no” in RED to
help quickly identify why we need to be wary of opportunities, and whether those
offering the “opportunities”
know what they are doing!

Henry & Dianne Ford


Upon This Rock
Knowing and Building
Upon Your History

Jasmine Hudson

Doug Holmes, III

An Evening with Bob Proctor
Valuable Moments of Revelation,
Education, Inspiration and More

Payday Loans
Deeper and Deeper and
Deeper into Debt?

No Special Skills Or Experience
Required To Get Started
Yeah, Right!

Town Hall Meeting
Sharing of Promise, Hope,
and Frustration

Fifteen Minutes of Fame
Thank You to Barbara Cooper,
Carl Williams and Willie Gardner

Get Your Business On-Board
the World Wide Web


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