Fifteen Minutes of Fame
Thank You to
Barbara Cooper,
Carl Williams
and Willie Gardner

Barbara Cooper is a dynamic young lady with so many interests and talents, that
she is hard to define.  Every time I think I know what she does, I look around and
she is doing something more.  As producer of Culture Time TV, Barbara
extended an invitation to me to appear on the program, aired by Time Warner in
Cleveland’s Eastern suburbs on Cable Channel 21.

I was given the opportunity to share with the TV audience some background
information, along with some of the things we do in the community.  The goal was
to share ideas and concepts and explain how our business and ministry impacts
the quality of life of our clients and others.  The experience was unbelievably
positive.  Most who have spent time in the spotlight understand they are also
spending time under the microscope.  Talk show hosts sometimes use the
interview to demonstrate their wisdom and ideas, perpetuating and often times
instigating, at times at the expense of an unsuspecting guest.  Carl Williams laid
back approach allowed me to share my story without the drama of feeling like a
sworn witness.  In fact, in his own words, one of the reasons for his pre-interview
was to “make me feel comfortable.”

I was indeed comfortable, and I am grateful to both Barbara and Carl for allowing
us those “fifteen minutes of fame.”  Unfortunately Dianne and I were unable to
view the program because we live outside of the broadcast area.  The good
news is that our godmother Willie Gardner was able to videotape most of the
program, so we thank her for her quick action.

We have received positive feedback from several people who viewed the
program, and hope you were able to tune in.  Meanwhile, we encourage you to
get your act together, for you never know when Barbara or Carl might be calling
on you.

Carl Williams is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Black Culture
International, Publisher of Black Culture Magazine, Host and Executive Director
of Culture Time TV, and a new-found friend.  As I previously stated, Barbara
Cooper is everything we can think of, and most importantly a long-time friend.

Henry & Dianne Ford


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Fifteen Minutes of Fame
Thank You to Barbara Cooper,
Carl Williams and Willie Gardner

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