Get Your Business on-Board
the World Wide Web

“For many small businesses, the traditional ways of attracting customers
are no longer enough.”

Willie Johnson
Performance Improvement Consultant


If the quote looks familiar, you may have just read it in the article entitled Use
Today’s Web Technologies To Connect With Your Customers.  Currently the
most rapid growth segment of our business is bringing small businesses into the
world of cyberspace by helping them create their own web page and in some
cases their own web site.

In just the past several weeks, we have added three clients to the growing list of
businesses that want to take advantage of the opportunities available on the
world wide web.  Businesses whose target market less than two months ago was
limited to those within the sound of their voice or the reach of their mailings, are
now marketing their products and services on-line, WORLDWIDE!

It does not have to be costly or complicated, when you rely on our experience
and commitment to quality and service.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, so please visit our site at and browse through our client sites.  Then give us a
call or drop us an e-mail from the site for additional information, comments or

Henry & Dianne Ford


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Get Your Business On-Board
the World Wide Web


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