Celebrating Life and Coming Up . . . a Little Higher

In this issue we transition from “Party over here” (Eleanor Smith’s Birthday
Celebration), and “Party over there” (Brenda Taylor’s trip to England) to the
challenges of education (June Taylor’s School Board Swearing In), and into the
seriousness of training, mentoring, networking (BDPA) and exercising our rights
and responsibilities (The Vote).

Eleanor and Brenda are certainly “dues paying members” to Life’s many
challenges and obstacles, but in this issue, we caught them having fun.  It’s a
good thing too, because the remainder of this issue shares challenges to do
many of the things that provided Eleanor and Brenda the opportunity to have a
little fun.  They took time out to do things such as sacrificing for education,
demonstrating commitment to goals and ideals, and engaging in that old-
fashioned four-letter word called work.  Even though they attained high levels of
success, they sometimes accepted the responsibility of being the teacher, and
sometimes humbled themselves to be the student, understanding that each is a
learning process.  And because others had sacrificed and help create an
atmosphere of choice, Eleanor and Brenda sought to make informed choices.  
So even though we caught them in this issue “playing,” we understand they
have also paid.

If we fast-forward to the article about BDPA, we see an organization promoting
education, training, and mentoring, all of which can and is impacting the
challenges of bridging the technology gap and aiding in entrepreneurial
development, professional networking and upward mobility.  This type of
exposure results in better educated, more informed, socially-conscious and
responsible individuals qualified to serve on school boards and in other elected
offices.  We also see individuals that are more intuitive, more issue focused,
and better able to distinguish between the myriad of options in their personal
and professional lives.  We see people more inclined to vote, and more likely to
make choices not dictated by ignorance, fear, and crowd mentality.

At this point I can imagine more of us having even more fun more often, but in
the meantime and in-between time, there are tasks to tackle, challenges to
conquer and decisions to consider.  My goal is that each person reading this
issue in its entirety will find at least one thing that inspires them to take action
they might not otherwise have taken.  And yes, having a birthday party or going
on a vacation counts also.

Our biggest regret is that this issue contains no positive stories about our
youth.  We are literally begging our readers to let us know about the
accomplishments of our young people, because we know they are out there.  
My exhaustive search on the Internet revealed a lot of positive news, but we
have to be very careful not to violate copyright laws.  We need fresh, original
input from you, because we want VISIONS to be about you and yours!

The positive response we received from our renewal notices last issue let us
know people are enjoying and looking for more positive stories.  Thank you to
those who renewed their subscriptions.  The response was quite surprising.  Of
course we lost some subscribers, but “stuff happens” and we certainly don’t
take it personally.  We are committed to publish VISIONS as long as there is a
demand.  Les Brown’s California experience of speaking to an audience of four
has stuck with me.  Les said, “If you only have one, wear that one out.”  That is
why at one point I conducted a motivational seminar for three people in the
Solon Adult Education system.  I could deliver a session that would yield no
profit, or step back from my commitment to try to change lives.  That was a “no-
brainer.”  A year after the session, one of the attendees approached me in the
line of a grocery store and shared that her life had changed, she had returned
to night school, secured another job, and was in a new relationship.  Each of us
has value, and the more we recognize it in others, the more we will appreciate it
in ourselves.

Henry & Dianne Ford


Celebrating Life & Coming
Up a Little Higher

Youth & Young Adult Corner

Eleanor Smith's
Birthday Celebration

Brenda Taylor
Vacations in England

June Taylor Takes
Oath of Office

Technology - It Won't
Go Away

BDPA and You, and You,
and YOU!


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