CONGRATULATIONS to "Young Leaders Telling Old Stories" including their
appearance on TV Channel 5, and their Multicultural Celebration of Black
History on February 24th.  For additional information visit the Restore Cleveland
Hope website at or contact Restore
Cleveland Hope at (216) 712-1930.

Do YOU know any high-achieving, civic-minded, or  otherwise talented
young people?

Then why pray tell, do we have only a single positive story (that I located at the
VERY LAST minute) about young people to share with readers in this issue?  
Perhaps the Holiday Season was hectic, or the sound of the snowplow
interfered with your computer, your telephone, or your pencil and paper.  
Whatever the reason, we will not be denied in our efforts to recognize and
inspire our young people.  You probably already figured this out, but this article,
contrary to “Dianne Ford - Editor” on the top of the page, is being written in this
issue by the less diplomatic half of Ford & Associates, also known as Henry.  
We didn’t really want to feature Jasmine Hudson again in this issue.  Even
though she deserves it, we can’t let VISIONS become a “One young lady show.”  
Therefore, in place of our regular tributes to young people (of which we have
none), we’re bringing you a brief excerpt about the Twinsburg School System.  
Sorry but we can’t copy the entire article.  There are prisons for people who do
that.  The second extract is from Newspapers Face Extinction, an article about
teens feeling disconnected from newspapers because of their focus on the
negative and tendency to ignore the positive, something we try hard to avoid.  
So enjoy, and then send us some good news about the young people you
know.  We do plan to keep publishing!


Extracted from Schools soar in state ranking honored

Thursday, January 17, 2008
By Pattie Pace, The Twinsburg Sun

TWINSBURG---Twinsburg City Schools can claim bragging rights now that the
state has released its new "value-added" report.

"Twinsburg is the only 'excellent' district in the state of Ohio to receive nine out
of 10 top rankings," said David Andrews, board president. "What a fantastic
accomplishment for our teachers, staff and students."


Extracted from Newspapers Face Extinction
by Daniela Caraballo

Marylaine Block, author of “Bastards of Young,” expressed concerns with
newspaper’s “pervasive contempt for young people” due to the all too common
news articles about the “failings of the younger generations.” She believes that
constantly reporting on the “ignorance of the young” sends the wrong message
to adolescents who do not want to be bombarded with such discouraging
articles. Block argues that newspapers rarely show how teens are becoming
increasingly influential and helpful in their communities in a myriad of ways.
Positive teen news stories are too few and far in between, creating estranged
readers. Daniel Choi, author of “Why Don’t Teens Use Major News Sites?” also
agrees and adds that, “little in newspapers, both print editions and online, is
tailored for teenagers, leaving teenagers a largely untapped market and a
forgotten audience.”

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