June Taylor Takes Oath of Office

It would be somewhat untrue to say that
June Taylor won her seat on the
Warrensville Heights Board of Education
by a landslide; it was more like an avalanche.
June made election night in November easier
to bear, by getting a running start and never
needing to look back.  I was able to focus on
other near and dear races that were having
closer outcomes.  Apparently voters liked what
they saw and heard from June, and many of her
supporters were among the large turnout for
swearing in ceremonies on January 5th.

June was among several new members sworn in that evening, making it obvious
that people are seeking change and improvement.  June was sworn in by her
long-time friend Warrensville Heights Mayor Marcia Fudge.  I had flashbacks to
the mayor’s keynote address years ago when I was named BDPA Cleveland
Member of the Year.  The mayor’s positive and inspiring words and presence
have become even more impactful.  June’s remarks repeated her goals,
objectives and promises, and just as importantly focused on the need for
parental and community involvement.

Going forward, I am sure June and the other board members can use our
prayers, in addition to the participation of those within the Warrensville Heights
School District.  As we were preparing this article, we received word of a
Cleveland Plain Dealer (Feb 17) which focused on challenges within the district.  
The article included an insightful comment from June regarding so many of the
principals in the system being new.  June stated
"I feel very fortunate to have
some of the new administrators here..  Several are alumni. They're coming back
home and they didn't have to. That gives me hope."
 So in June’s mind, the
glass in half full, not half empty - good start!  Since the swearing in ceremony
took place as a part of the regular board meeting, I was reminded of some of
the distractions that can occur from audience members who seem to have
personal agendas.  I am certain that this situation is not unique to Warrensville
Heights.  Whatever community you live in, consider yourself blessed if you have
a committed school board, and take the opportunity to assist them in their
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