Technology - It Won't Go Away
And Neither Will The Truth!

Did you ever have that strange feeling that you’re going against the grain, that
you’re pushing and everyone else is pulling?  Well, don’t feel like the Lone
Ranger.  In today’s language “I’ve been there, done that.”  First it was me
scurrying off to an Investment Conference in the mid nineteen-seventies when
most people in my immediate circle thought passbook savings accounts (you
might not remember those!) were the ultimate sacrifice.  Then in the late
nineteen-seventies I started rattling off stuff about owning a small business, and
most people in my immediate circle had good-paying jobs (you may not
remember those either!) and thought I was nuts.  I know what feeling like the
Lone Ranger is about!

Anyway you probably noticed that most issues of VISIONS contain some article
or connection with technology.  It seems that technology just won’t go away.  So
if it won’t go away, it might as well be embraced for the greater good.  The
simplistic view that “I don’t know anything about computers” and “Computers
take all the jobs” just won’t cut it.  Whether you accept technology is not the
issue.  In the words of that famous singing group, the Miracles, technology is
“like a snowball rolling down a snow-covered hill, it’s growing.”

In trying to drag family, friends, associates, and clients into the computer age, I’
ve had more than my share of “Lone Ranger moments.”  Of course, along the
way, there have been some small successes.  When you understand and
accept the dynamics of change and the resistance to it, occasional small
successes can outweigh frequent and massive failures.

Several weeks ago, during a conversation with a long-time friend and associate,
I experienced one of those small successes.  It was not so much a success in
achievement as it was a success in opportunity.  Ken Wilson indicated to me
that he had agreed to again serve as president of the Cleveland Chapter of
BDPA, an organization that had been an integral part of my personal and
professional development.  A closer look at the current Cleveland Chapter
Executive Committee reassured me that Cleveland-BDPA’s is ready for
business, highly likely to return to those “good old days of yesteryear” as one of
BDPA’s premier local chapters.  Being a part of Cleveland-BDPA has to beat
this “Lone Ranger thing.”

What I visualize is an opportunity to again join forces with a group having goals
similar to my own.  My focus has always been to expose the sometimes subtle
advantages that may be overlooked in one’s rush to judgment.  Whether it’s
investing or technology, it’s easy to overlook the relevance to one’s life when
rigid lines of demarcation are drawn.  Many, who insist they would never have a
dime in stocks or mutual funds, rely daily on retirement plans and banks that
invest in these very vehicles.  Likewise, many who swear off, and swear at the
computer, miss our deep and growing dependence on technology.  In addition,
“computer people” are people also, and even if you may not be one, it’s nice to
know a few.  One of the clear and present dangers facing our nation, our
community, and in particular the African American community, is our over-
reliance on letting others define our place.  We all have much more in common,
than we have in differences, but the differences make bigger headlines.

The task and the challenge I have accepted is to help expand BDPA’s reach
into the community and thereby increase our understanding of technology and
of each other.  These are the factors that have expanded my vision and
extended my career.  I am neither naive enough nor infected with a strong
enough feeling of self-importance to believe that the BDPA connection worked
only for me.  I do believe the connection works because of its adherence to the
Universal Laws of Nature.  To that end, I implore you to continue reading with
the next story, BDPA and You, and You, and YOU!  After that I ask that you
open your mind to the possibilities.  If your dream is only as large as mine, the
possibilities are infinite, yet you have the capacity to dream even bigger dreams!
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"Where there is no vision, the people perish" - Proverbs 29:18

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Technology - It Won't
Go Away

BDPA and You, and You,
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    "Because of the associations he
    formed, because of the challenges
    he undertook, because there was a
    BDPA, today that individual is
    making a living doing that which the
    aptitude tests and society told him
    he could not do."

    The Power of Association - P.23

    "One excellent platform for
    networking is professional groups
    and associations."

    Phillip J. Stella - COSE