BDPA and You, and You,
and YOU!

by Henry Ford, Cleveland Chapter

If you want an excuse to NOT belong to
BDPA, I could give you more than one, but
my excuses are invalid, as in null and
void.  I retired in January, 1995, and
having chosen a second career as an
author and speaker, one could conclude
(although erroneously) that BDPA has little
relevance to my situation.  In addition to
being much older than BDPA, I am also
older than the dream, and possibly older
than the dreamers.  Career advancement
is not one of my major concerns, and
technology is not something I’m in love with.

None of this matters however, because
early in my BDPA years, I discovered and
benefitted from the power of synergism
and being associated with winners and
winning attitudes.  My vision and passion
grew as I tapped into the power and
purpose of other BDPA members.  My
talent and abilities multiplied because of
the challenges associated with being a
part of something greater than myself.  My
membership and involvement in BDPA
strengthened and broadened the
foundation needed to move forward in
whatever my future had in store for me.

Even though many of BDPA’s clearly
stated and obvious benefits don’t seem to
match my current direction and goals, I
would be negligent if I did not bring to your
attention the “added value” of BDPA
membership and participation.  Although I
haven’t been active within BDPA for
several years, I’ve never stopped “talking
the talk” or “walking the walk.”  My first
book entitled
Success is You contained
references to BDPA in six separate
sections.  My second book entitled
Power of Association
contained a complete
chapter promoting the career advantages
of BDPA membership and involvement.  
Two of our business websites contain a
total of four links to BDPA.  Many of the
speeches I deliver are developed around a
foundation of which BDPA is an integral
and often-mentioned part.

I have written these words not just to
encourage those who have chosen BDPA
as an integral part of their future, but also
to reach out to those who for some reason,
might have doubted the value BDPA could
bring to their personal and professional
development.  I reach out to the technical
and the non-technical, the young and the
not-so-young, to male and female.  Across
all real and imaginary boundaries, I reach
out with these words; “there is a place
within BDPA for you.”

And to members and future members,
please note that “membership” is always
followed by “and involvement” or “and
participation.”  Being a member positions
you for involvement and participation.  
Becoming involved and participating
positions you for unlimited personal and
professional growth.  

For additional information about BDPA
Cleveland Chapter, go to
www.bdpa- or by phone at 216-577-

If you live outside the Northeast Ohio area
and would like additional information, go to or by phone at 800-727-
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"Where there is no vision, the people perish" - Proverbs 29:18

Henry & Dianne Ford


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BDPA and You, and You,
and YOU!


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Who We Are
We are BDPA – Leaders in
Information Technology,
Cleveland, Northeast Ohio.
Globally, BDPA is a 48-chapter,
non-profit, technology
organization that delivers
services for the professional well-
being of its members and other

Organized in 1975 as the Black
Data Processing Associates
(BDPA), the Cleveland Chapter
was founded in 1980 by Norman
R. Mays.

What We Do
BDPA’s international technology
initiatives on the continent of
Africa are opening up economic-
empowerment opportunities for
Cleveland and Northeast Ohio.

BDPA assists its members and
stakeholders (corporations,
businesses, schools, universities
and non-profit organizations) to
connect with a wide, socially
diverse audience of
professionals, interns and

BDPA provides jobs, technology,
business and career mentorship
for its professional members as
well as its student members.

Since 1980, BDPA continues to
inspire K-12 students via our
Student Information Technology
Education and Scholarship
Program (SITES).

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the BDPA-Cleveland Web Site: