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The Power of Persistence
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Happy Birthday

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Beyond Circumstance,
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Is Your Mental Diet Right?

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Your Success Newsletter - May - June, 2008 - Published Bi-Monthly

"Where there is no vision, the people perish" - Proverbs 29:18
The Power of Persistence . . .
. . . and Association
Last issue’s front page story was entitled
Celebrating Life and Coming Up a Little Higher,
and this issue certainly is a positive response to
that article.  We exceeded the typical eight
pages in this issue because it was too difficult to
figure out what to exclude.  That is a good
problem to have, and we thank you for
responding to our call for positive and uplifting
information.  We are so full of good news that
instead of the normal practice of summarizing
the contents of this issue on Page 1, we’ve
included some content not found elsewhere in
this issue.

We are pleased to have an opportunity to
participate again in the Sankofa Fine Art Plus
Cleveland Expo.  Although a prior commitment
prevents us from participating on Saturday, we
will have an Author’s Booth at the Expo on
Sunday, May 18th.  We will again have available
autographed copies of my second book,
Power of Association
, along with other
inspirational, educational and consumer
products.  This year
The Power of Association
has new ‘power’ behind it in the form of an
endorsement by the United Nations (see article
Beyond Circumstance, The Next Step).   

The Fine Arts Expo will take place at the
Southeastern Campus of Cuyahoga Community
College, 4250 Richmond Road, Highland
Heights, Ohio.  The location is near the Harvard
Avenue exit of Interstate 271.  Please grab your
family, friends and associates, and a few
neighbors and join us on Sunday, May 18th.  
There is plenty for the entire family to see and

We also ask that you visit our booth at the
Author’s Pavilion.  Plan to pick up several copies
The Power of Association, one for yourself, at
least one for the friend that always “borrows”
your books (and you never see the books
again), and a gift for someone who could use a
boost in their career.  Mention VISIONS that day
and receive a special discount.

Meanwhile, we urge you to take the time to read
each article in this issue, and allow yourself to
become inspired and empowered.  We also
remind you that we are looking forward to
hearing from YOU, and sharing your positive
story with our readers, for our readers deserve
the absolute very best
Autographed copies
available May 18th
at the Sankofa
Fine Arts Expo
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