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Your Success Newsletter - May - June, 2008 - Published Bi-Monthly

"Where there is no vision, the people perish" - Proverbs 29:18
Maya Edwards
Our THANKS to Gwen and Albert Edwards as
they keep us informed on the activities of their
daughters, Maya and Deborah.  These two fantastic
young ladies continue to expand their horizons
through education, travel, teaching, and just plain
“being involved.”  They are always willing to share
their experiences with others, and by doing so, they
inspire many more people than they will ever realize.

Maya Edwards is continuing her work in Seville.  
She recently attended Seville’s huge spring fair,
Feria de Abril.  During the fair, the city's population
triples.  This year the city’s population during the fair
was estimated to have exceeded over one million.  
Out of the more than one million, we’ve included the
best-looking festival attendee in her new Flamenco
Dress (That just happens to be Maya!).
About Feria de Abril, from the website

For one week life in Seville revolves around this
fiesta. The music, food, dancing and general joy
create a very special atmosphere.

The April Fair is one of the most international and
popular of Seville’s fiestas. It was created in 1847 as
a cattle fair, and over time the festive atmosphere
that had grown up around the occasion took over the
business aspect, and it became a permanent fixture
in Seville’s social calendar. For a week more than a
thousand “casetas” or tents installed in the
fairground area become the second home of the city’
s inhabitants, a place where people come together to
have fun and share experiences until the early hours
of the morning.

The fiesta officially begins at midnight on Monday
with the “lighting test”, the illumination of the
thousands of multi-coloured light bulbs in the
fairground and adorning the main gateway, which is
almost 50 metres high and has a different motif
every year. Once inside the gate you come to the
“casetas”, and it is here where you really experience
the fair. These tents belong to groups of friends and
associates, and are a family space where
acquaintances, relations and guests are welcomed in
and plied with delicious food and wine; there is
singing, good conversation and of course,
"sevillanas", the local version of flamenco dancing.
The lively and festive atmosphere spills over into the
area outside the tents: people usually dance in the
street, and the friendly personality of the Sevillian
people will entice passers-by into the celebration.
You should bear in mind that most of the stalls are
privately owned and can be entered only by
invitation from the members or their friends. There
are however public tents which are open to all. The
information office at the entrance to the fair will tell
you which they are.

Throughout the fair, people wear typical Andalusian
dress: the men wear the typical outfit of the
farmworker, and the women wear flamenco or gypsy
dresses. By day the fair is filled with horsewomen,
riders and richly festooned carriages. This is what is
known as the horse and carriage parade, in which
you can take part by renting a buggy with a driver
from the regular service. Next to the fairground is the
Calle del Infierno (Hell’s Street), a lively recreational
area with a host of attractions for children and
adults, and stands selling cold drinks and snacks.
Another vital component is the bullfight: every
afternoon people crowd into the Plaza de la
Maestranza bullring to see the day’s bullfight (tickets
and passes can be bought in advance by telephone
or on the Maestranza bullring’s own website). And
after a week of merrymaking there is a spectacular
fireworks display at midnight on Sunday to send off
the April Fair for another year.

Click here to read about Maya's sister Deborah)

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