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Your Success Newsletter - May - June, 2008 - Published Bi-Monthly

"Where there is no vision, the people perish" - Proverbs 29:18
Every year around April 8 Dianne Ford begins
her birthday celebration that sometimes lasts
several days (or weeks!), and there are always
new experiences.  This year the adventures
began anew as she searched for a new dining
experience.  Using the computer, together we
searched for something new, close to home,
not too formal, and with positive customer

We decided on a restaurant in nearby Hudson,
Ohio with the unusual title of Downtown 140.  
The restaurant is state-of-the-art including an
available on-line real-time reservation system.  
Simple to use, quick and easy, I had a printed
reservation confirmation in my hands within
seconds of entering our preferred date and
time.  Our reservation was at 5:00 pm which is
opening time for dinner.

We arrived five minutes early and were
encouraged to visit the store and Western
Reserve School of Cooking which is
immediately upstairs.  We received a brief
history lesson, courtesy of Nancy Neal, the
knowledgeable and personable manager/buyer
for the school.  Nancy informed us that world
renowned chef Roland Mesnier is among the
school’s “dignitaries.”  Roland is a former White
House Head Pastry Chef, who was appointed
during the Carter administration and served
several presidents.  Recently retired, Roland
periodically visits the school to present
classes.  Additional information about the
school’s many offerings can be found at their
web site at or a phone call to
(330) 650-1665.  If you are in the area, a visit
would be much better.

Our visit to the restaurant was even more
memorable.  Although Downtown 140 is not a
place to visit with small change, the food
quality, portion size, and service are excellent.  
Reservations are highly encouraged.  
Downtown 140 is large enough and laid out in
such a way that you should never feel
cramped, but small enough that you don’t feel
like you’re eating in an arena.  And don’t let the
limited 30 minute parking spots in front fool
you.  The restaurant has a rear entrance from
a large parking lot so just drive around back.  
Although the on-line reservation system was
fast and convenient, we want to be able to at
least request the same waitress again.  
Everyone at Downtown 140 seemed
responsive to even a hint that we might need
something, and I am sure the entire staff is
excellent, but we are hooked on Rachelle.  For
additional information, visit Downtown 140 at or call (330) 655-2940.

So what about the remaining days of Dianne’s
birthday celebration?  Trust me; the newsletter
does not contain enough pages!          

Henry & Dianne Ford

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