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Your Success Newsletter - May - June, 2008 - Published Bi-Monthly

"Where there is no vision, the people perish" - Proverbs 29:18
Mission to South Africa
Taking Hope to The Homeland
Rukiya Lee
Dear Friends and Family,

I’m extremely pleased to let you know that out of a host
of other qualified candidates, I have been selected to
participate in an exciting program in the Republic of
South Africa for this upcoming summer.  This wonderful
opportunity is a dream come-true for me!

On July 25th I will be joining 20 other university students
for an intense learning program at the tip of the African
continent.  I have always hoped to fashion my
professional career around service to humankind, and
now I have been admitted into a program that will help
prepare me for that future.  

Of course, the challenges are great.  Poverty casts a
long shadow over this country. Generations of
oppression are not so easily overcome.  Even as people
celebrate a hopeful future, the reality of the past clings
tenaciously to neighborhoods producing an extremely
high rate of unemployment, AIDS and suffering. This
program takes me right into the center of this mix of
promise and despair.  Several world leaders are saying
“As South Africa goes, so goes the Continent of Africa.” I
feel so fortunate to be headed there this summer.

My program will begin with an intense two-week
workshop of long 16-hour days.  During those two weeks
our group will meet with government leaders, community
organizers, academics, religious institutions, activists
and volunteer associations.  We’ll be exposed to dozens
of community development models and we’ll meet with
the people who are trying to craft South Africa’s future
around health, unity, reconciliation, and peace.  Each
day, I will travel to the University of Cape Town on public
transportation to study South Africa’s transitional justice
process; how it moved from an oppressive form of
government called Apartheid to democracy.  Three
Truth and Reconciliation Commissioners will be teaching
our group.  Afternoons will be spent doing research in
the library – followed by literature review and
discussions.  At night and on weekends, I will be living in
a suburb where 800,000 people live on less than a
dollar a day.  I think becoming part of this community –
even if for a short while - will demand more honesty and
integrity from my in-class learning.

In order to accomplish this goal, I need to raise $5,000
which covers the program cost and air transportation.
The community fund suggested that I reach out to
individuals and organizations for grants or funds to help
cover the costs of this trip. I have personal funds to
cover a portion of the costs and am seeking the support
of others who will help me make up the difference
through donations and small grants.  I am very much
hoping you will be able to help me reach my financial
goal so that I can take advantage of this amazing
opportunity in South Africa. Thank you for considering
this request.

My program is sponsored by the South Africa
Community Fund (SACF), a non-profit company
recognized by the Federal government as a tax exempt
organization ( Any
gift you provide toward my summer program will be tax
deductible.  All checks for this program are made
payable to SACF and mailed no later than May31st at
the addresses below. Just be sure to designate the gift
in my name.  

VIA USPS (Snail Mail)
Rukiya L. Lee
ASU Intergroup Relations Center
P.O. Box 871512
Tempe, AZ 85287-1512

Rukiya L. Lee
ASU Intergroup Relations Center
1151 S. Forest Ave.
SSV 278
Tempe, AZ 85281

As I journey to discover if “justice” can be served in the
aftermath of gross human rights violations, and
investigate whether it is possible to end political turmoil
peacefully when torture, rape, and forced
disappearances are used as oppressive strategy, I carry
my past, my present and each of you with me.  Upon my
return, I would be honored if you would like me to share
my reflections, photos and new knowledge with you, your
classes, your congregations or any other organizations
to which you may belong.

Thank you so much for considering this important
personal request.  Thank you for believing in me and for
helping my dream come-true.

Eternal Gratitude,


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Mission to South Africa

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