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Your Success Newsletter - May - June, 2008 - Published Bi-Monthly

"Where there is no vision, the people perish" - Proverbs 29:18
Beyond Circumstance . . . and The Next Step
Sometimes in the quest for ideas and
fuel to “stoke the flames” toward our
goals and objectives, we are required to
do something different.  Tuesday, April
14th was one of those rare days when I
set aside whatever seemed pressing,
and wandered onto the Internet to
search for new ideas.  As I searched for
something to enhance our marketing
efforts and the opportunity to make more
of a difference, I came upon some
interesting facts.

Following a web link from a search page,
I located a bibliography recommending
The Power of Association.  That
bibliography was on a web site
sponsored by the United Nations.  So
strangely (or maybe not so strangely)
the content of my second book was
being shared globally as an aid for
fighting poverty and other social
problems.  Further research revealed
that the book has been recommended
reading by the United Nations since
2003.  In addition, the book was listed on
web sites serving audiences in German,
French, Portuguese and who knows what
other languages.   For those of us, me
included, whose foreign language skills
stop somewhere around Bonjour, there
is help.  A look at the web site
www. gives an
English version of one of the
organizations utilizing
The Power of
.  In addition to the potential
marketing value of this new-found
information, several lessons are

One lesson is that you never know how
what you do will impact the world.  
Power of Association
was at first simply a
vision, and finally the reality of someone
supposedly lacking the aptitude to
become a writer!  Between vision and
reality existed a multitude of ideas,
projects, successes, and failures.  
Another lesson is to understand that the
previous lesson occurs in small but
consistent movement towards a goal.  
The wisdom of the statement “the
longest journey begins with the first step”
cannot be overstated here.  A third
lesson is that the destination becomes
possible only because of the journey.  
While one might expect that to be
universally understood, the facts suggest

As I consult with clients and potential
clients I am often dumbfounded by the
reality that many people, for a variety of
reasons are reluctant to take the steps
necessary to make a change.  That
reluctance gives birth to and reinforces a
multitude of excuses and rationalizations
that culminate in personal and
professional stagnation.

If I trace
The Power of Association back
to its first tangible “roots,” it would likely
be my involvement in the National
Association of Investors Corporation in
around 1975.  That is a thirty-three year
journey, but keep in mind that the reward
of the April 14th revelation was not the
first reward.  Like any path to
professional development, all along the
way there are rewards, and in addition,
the “journey” is still not over.  Each small
step leads one closer to what they
believe is their destination, when in fact
the journey of self-improvement is the
real reward.  Conversely, every excuse,
every inaction, every rationalization,
especially those beginning with “I
shoulda” or “I coulda” or “I woulda” serve
to keep one doing what they have always
done, and receiving what they have
always received.  

It is “Beyond Circumstance” that this
issue contains an article entitled
“Is Your
Diet Right?”
Taking advantage of the
offer contained within that article will
provide you with an opportunity to move
forward in your life.  This very rare
(because it is free) opportunity for
professional consultation can be your
next step.  Please consider taking
advantage of this opportunity.
Order YOUR Copy of
The Power of Association
and one for someone
you care about
(so they won’t “borrow” yours!)

Henry & Dianne Ford

The Power of Persistence
(cover article)

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Beyond Circumstance,
The Next Step

BDPA and Back to School

Is Your Mental Diet Right?

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