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Your Success Newsletter - May - June, 2008 - Published Bi-Monthly

"Where there is no vision, the people perish" - Proverbs 29:18
BDPA and Back to School

Henry & Dianne Ford

The Power of Persistence
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Zeta Phi Beta Affair
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Mission to South Africa

Beyond Circumstance,
The Next Step

BDPA and Back to School

Is Your Mental Diet Right?

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If you think that April 14th was finished
with me, you would be jumping to
conclusions.  In the previous article,
Beyond Circumstance - The Next Step,
the revelations I enjoyed offered me the
perfect opportunity to allow my ego to
go floating into space and ignore the
plans previously made for that day.  In
spite of a passionate urge to work on
own goals, I stuck by my original plan to
attend the Cleveland BDPA meeting
that evening.  So why would I spend
precious time and burn gasoline that is
almost as precious, when I was so
wound up in something more
personal?  Since I never have, don’t
know now, and never will know the
answer to those kinds of questions, let
me just call it Divine Guidance.

The meeting later that evening
revealed a surprising number of
visions, goals and plans that inspired
me.  It was obvious that the
organization was charged up mentally,
and operating on plans that were on
solid ground.  So, the pessimist might
ask “What’s in it for me?”  Well, it’s not
always about “ME,” but having asked
the question for those who may be
thinking it, sometimes it becomes about
you, because that is how life works.  I
was about to receive an unexpected
bonus, just for having showed up.  
Sometimes you have to work hard at
your goals, at other times you can get
by working not quite so hard, but you
always have to “show up.”

So what was my unexpected reward?  
Among BDPA’s fine community service
efforts is the sponsoring of student
computer competition.  Each year local
BDPA chapters assist in training and
mentoring students in preparation for
regional and national competition.  In
cooperation with John Carroll
University, BDPA Cleveland Chapter is
involved in that effort.  And believe it or
not, there were seven extra seats
available at NO COST.  All I had to do
was be one of the first seven that was
interested, and be willing to take a step
forward by signing up and showing up.  
Had I not shown up at the meeting, I
would likely have not been among the
first seven to apply.  On Saturday, I was
among the seven BDPA members
sitting in a class with students of all
ages.  Before you ask, NO, I am not
smarter than a high school student, but
I am learning.

And what am I learning?  Well, it
includes (1) Web Site Design, and (2)
Working with databases using SQL.  
And what is a part of what I do for
clients?  Well, how about Web Site
Design and Data Base Maintenance!  
Does life get any better than this?  Yes
it does because I was going to attend at
least one class anyway to get
information and take photos for a
newsletter article.
to see Photo Library with
Slide Show Capability
Once again as in the last article entitled Beyond Circumstance, The Next Step, I was
taking small steps towards goals, enjoying the journey and moving from vision to
reality.  And I was doing this based more upon attitude than aptitude.  I was doing
this based more upon belief than upon brains.  I was doing this based more upon
commitment than upon competence.

A key point here is that I stumbled into a personal benefit because of my willingness
to be available to serve a vision larger than my own.  I wrote extensively in
Power of Association
about this process working over and over again, and I am
happy to have given evidence that it still works.  

Are you taking the steps necessary to enhance your future?  Are you giving of
yourself in order that you might receive?  Maybe now it will be easier to understand
the no-obligation offer extended by Willie Johnson in this issue’s
“Is Your Diet

So now I have made a motion, and unconventionally seconded that motion,
because it needed to be done.  You have the opportunity to vote on the motion by
taking steps for your own future, and offering your services to a vision greater than
your own.

Northeast Ohio area residents can learn more about BDPA by
clicking here, or if
live outside the Northeast Ohio area,
click here.
Computer Competition Preparations See Students,
Volunteers, Parents & Instructor Joining Together