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Your Success Newsletter - May - June, 2008 - Published Bi-Monthly

"Where there is no vision, the people perish" - Proverbs 29:18
Is Your Diet Right?

Henry & Dianne Ford

The Power of Persistence
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Is Your Mental Diet Right?

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Truth and Lie jumped into a swimming pool.  After awhile, Lie got out and put on
Truth’s clothing. That is the end of the story.  But the morale of the story is
simply this:  wherever there is a dressed up lie, the butt-naked truth is not far
behind.  That which I’m sharing with you through this article is definitely, the butt-
naked truth.

The subject of diet is one of the foremost topics of public interest throughout the
world. It is simply amazing that although numerous newspapers and magazines
have written articles on the subject; the shelves of every bookstore is filled with
numerous volumes of the Atkins Diet, the South Beach Diet, The Sugar Busters
Diet, The Cabbage Soup Diet, as so on. They all purport to unfold the mysteries
of carbohydrates, proteins, starches, vitamins etc.  It is no wonder that virtually
the whole world is food conscious.  How about you, are you food and diet
conscious?   In one way or another, I am sure you are.  Therefore, let’s take a
deeper look at this subject.

When it comes to food and dieting, experts on the subject say that physically, we
become the thing that we eat. (I’m glad I don’t eat artichokes.)   Those same
experts also state that our whole body is really composed of the foods that we
have eaten in the past.  Isn’t that a sickening thought?    Therefore, for the
remainder of this article, I am going to deal with the subject of dieting at a level
that is infinitely more profound and far reaching in its effect.  I refer of course, to
“Mental Dieting”.

The most important of all factors in our life is the mental diet on which we live.  It
is the food that we furnish our mind that determines the whole character of our
life.  It is the thoughts we allow ourselves to think, and the subjects we allow our
mind to dwell upon, which make us who we are.  In other words – The present
condition of every phase of our life in fact, is entirely conditioned by the thoughts
and feelings that we have entertained in the past, by the habitual tone of our
past thinking.

And the condition of our life tomorrow, next week, next month, and even next
year, will be entirely conditioned by the thoughts and feelings that we choose to
entertain from this moment forward.  In other words, we choose all the conditions
of our life – when we choose the thoughts upon which we allow our mind to
dwell.  Therefore, CHOOSE WISELY!

There you have it. When it comes to dieting, our mental diet should be the most
important thing in our life; because “THOUGHT”, is the real causative force in life,
and there is no other!  I ask you - Is Your Diet Right?  

Challenge Question:  What are you going to do this week to enhance your
mental diet?  (Please send your responses to me, Willie Johnson at:

I look forward to hearing from the “entire” Success-Is-You readership.