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A Message from The Heart

- 2 -
High Achievers, High Fashion
High Expectations

- 3 -
Sherbia Jones for
Catawba County, NC
School Board

- 4 -
WIP (Working in Progress)
and KIJIJI helping
Akron, Ohio Families

- 5 -
Henry & Loretta Winters
Celebrate 50 Years
of Marriage

- 6 -
Tabitha Burton & Daniel Ha

- 7 -
Happy Birthday
Jimmy Dixon

- 8 -
Journey to South Africa
with Rukiya Lee
Part 2 of 4

- 9 -
Cleveland, Northeast Ohio
S.I.T.E.S. Awards

- 10 -
Customer Service
is Alive!
Thanks Andrea Lau

- 11 -
Save with Christmas Cards

- 12 -
Is Now The Time to
Buy That Home?

- 13 -
The Wedding,
Saving You "The Green"


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Your Success Newsletter - November - December, 2008 - Published Bi-Monthly

"Where there is no vision, the people perish" - Proverbs 29:18
A Message From The Heart
Experiencing The Vote and Much More!
There are times in life when it is appropriate to step aside.  This is one of
those times for me.  Just after completing this issue’s cover page, I received
an unexpected e-mail that made me realize what really needed be on this
page.  So in place of what I wrote, I am proud to share the following from our
friend Fannie Lee.

Dearest Family:

Today is an historic day for me.  I put on my new low-top boots and walked
from Belcher Street down to the Department of Elections and HANDED THE
FOLKS MY VOTE!  I am super blessed to be 70 years old and live long
enough to be able to vote for Senator Obama, an upright, righteous, take-
the-high-road family man who loves his wife and daughters, graduated from
one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the country magna
cum laude, loves his ethnic history enough to keep his original name Barack
(Blessed) Hussein (Handsome) Obama (Kenyan), not the name given to his
family hundreds of years ago by slave masters -- a name I still bear -- chose
not to go into corporate America to make six figures but instead chose to
work in his community, still lives on the South Side of Chicago in an upscale
home, wishes all people freedom, justice and the pursuit of happiness,
carries himself with respect, dignity, honor and a good sense of humor.  Plus
he's HANDSOME and babies love him!  :)  :)  :)  And for those who say he
has little military experience, let me just say that being a Black man in the
United States of America gives you TONS of military experience, ok?  Colin
Powell loves him too.  :)  :)  :)  Now you know I'm pumped to vote for a man of
that calibre!  How sweet it is!

Just to be able to hand that lady my voting papers has made it worth it to live
seventy years as a Black woman in the United States of America and we all
know, that ain't been no eazee road -- still ain't :).  I remember that so many
of my people died for the right for me to go into that poll and cast my vote;  I
cherish that right and respect all of the blood that was spilled for me to take
full advantage of that right.

I love my city;  it fits me like a glove!  My wonderful goddaughter, Tanya, got
me the most awesome OBAMA shirt and each time I wear it, I get horn honks,
happy people waving to me, their waves mirroring their hope that we can,
even though our country now is heavily wounded, financially broken, and
seriously divided, begin the almost impossible task of restoring peace,
harmony and prosperity. Hooray for me. I live in an Obama city!

When he wins, our jobs will just begin.  I thank the Almighty Creator of
Everything that I am alive at this historic moment.  When I can figure out how
to send a photo, I'll send you ME in my OBAMA SHIRT!  I AM the bomb in it.

I love life and love those who choose love over fear, facts over conjecture,
peace over war, life over death and compassion over mud-slinging hatred.  
May we continue as Senator Obama has shown us to, no matter how vicious
the attacks, how unscrupulous the adversaries, how mean-spirited the jibes,
always take the high road.  It's closest to the sky and the sky is closest to

I am filled with indescribable joy!  Now let's hope my existing government will
count my vote honestly!  :)  :)  :)  :)  :) Going to Obama headquarters today
to work. Leave for Egypt Friday am.