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Your Success Newsletter - November - December, 2008 - Published Bi-Monthly

"Where there is no vision, the people perish" - Proverbs 29:18
Some people have a way of inspiring others by their very presence.  Sometimes it’s
the smile, sometimes it’s the clothes, sometimes it’s the fact that their magnetism
seems to be drawing everyone in their presence.  Very seldom is it all the above.  
One of the many benefits we enjoy as members of Mt. Zion of Oakwood Village is
having become acquainted with Deacon Henry Winters and his lovely wife Loretta.

Deacon Winters is a showcase for style, and his quick smile, his wit and his engaging
personality literally comes after you in a comforting and nurturing way.  His wife
Loretta compliments and enhances all of this in a “quieter” but just as effective way.  
So you might be wondering as I often do, What is the secret?  What is it that allows
Henry & Loretta Winters to project to a world in near-turmoil, the loving image of near-

If you are fortunate to have attended Bible Classes conducted by Deacon Winters, or
received the blessings shared by Sister Winters as one of the Mothers of the Church,
your question is partially answered.  More of the answer becomes apparent as you
observe them together.  A look is worth a thousand words.  Alone they are strong,
together they are powerful.  The Winters’ understand that each of them with God
make a majority, and both of them with God . . . well the results defy description.  
Truly their steps are guided from “whence cometh their help.”  A commitment to God
and to each other allows them to project that image which others wish to emulate.

Dianne and I were fortunate to have recently attended the Winters’ 50th Wedding
Anniversary Celebration.  The number of people in attendance was a living testament
and irrefutable confirmation of what you have just read.  Our sincere congratulations
to this fine couple, and our prayers that their days of living in faith together shall be
long and prosperous.

For additional photos and information, visit the Winters' Web Page at
Henry & Loretta Winters Celebrate 50 Years of Marriage

Henry & Dianne Ford


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