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Your Success Newsletter - November - December, 2008 - Published Bi-Monthly

"Where there is no vision, the people perish" - Proverbs 29:18
Even though I thoroughly understand that each day that one wakes up on
the “green side” of the grass is a blessing, some days still just stand out.  
The day I met Andrea Lau was one of those days.  After numerous phone
conversations to a location somewhere with someone, and after what
seemed like hours on the computer trying to solve an issue involving
retrieving photos from my cell phone, I walked into an AT&T Store and was
greeted by Andrea even before the door finished closing.  I walked out a
while later with my problem solved, and having renewed faith in the words
“customer service.”   Andrea was my last hope before I would have had to
surrender to technology and tell my godmother, “sorry I can’t retrieve the
priceless photos I took of you with your former co-workers.”  I won’t even
attempt to describe the expertise and determination Andrea employed to
make me a satisfied customer, and I personally recommend her if you live or
work anywhere near Aurora, Ohio.
Customer Service is ALIVE!

Henry & Dianne Ford


- 1-
A Message from The Heart

- 2 -
High Achievers, High Fashion
High Expectations

- 3 -
Sherbia Jones for
Catawba County, NC
School Board

- 4 -
WIP (Working in Progress)
and KIJIJI helping
Akron, Ohio Families

- 5 -
Henry & Loretta Winters
Celebrate 50 Years
of Marriage

- 6 -
Tabitha Burton & Daniel Ha

- 7 -
Happy Birthday
Jimmy Dixon

- 8 -
Journey to South Africa
with Rukiya Lee
Part 2 of 4

- 9 -
Cleveland, Northeast Ohio
S.I.T.E.S. Awards

- 10 -
Customer Service
is Alive!
Thanks Andrea Lau

- 11 -
Save with Christmas Cards

- 12 -
Is Now The Time to
Buy That Home?

- 13 -
The Wedding,
Saving You "The Green"


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December 10, 2008


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