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Your Success Newsletter - September - October, 2008 - Published Bi-Monthly

"Where there is no vision, the people perish" - Proverbs 29:18
More Than Books and Grades
By Henry Ford

The Youth Corner of the September/October issue is often challenging
because so many are on vacation, and though education, accomplishments
and the reporting of such continues, it occurs at a greatly reduced level.  As
young people grow in education and achievement, they must also learn
those social graces that can make the difference in a hotly contested job
market.  One must be forever ready and willing to step into situations of need
and become the solution to challenges.  Becoming ready and willing is a
conscious, deliberate and determined process that should begin now.

Often it’s the little things that count, for what we practice become our habits,
which become our philosophies, which become our destiny.  During a recent
Family Reunion I had occasion to watch young men strutting in and out of
elevators without regard to young ladies (or anyone else) who might have
been following.  And for those young (and otherwise) ladies who would
gender bash the “brothers,” I also witnessed young ladies doing the same
without regard to seniors, those physically challenged and others.

In all fairness, there were many more who demonstrated good manners and
consideration for others.  Of those who had not, it’s very possible they failed
to learn because someone failed to teach.  This may be an opportunity for all
of us to examine how we treat and relate to others.  It’s not simply a matter of
education.  Some of the most educated people I know tragically assume
others know little or nothing.

I raise these issues because the job market and entrepreneurial success is
based not only on what and who you know, but also how you interact with
others.  We are continually reminded that we are fast-becoming a service-
oriented nation.  How can we be of service without being considerate?  
Whether or not you hold or do not hold an elevator door is not the issue.  
The question is can you be considerate of and courteous to others?  If not,
there is work to be done, or all the education in the world will not be enough
to maximize your possibilities.

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Henry & Dianne Ford


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