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Your Success Newsletter - September - October, 2008 - Published Bi-Monthly

"Where there is no vision, the people perish" - Proverbs 29:18
Culinary Delights in Your Home
with Chef Eric Wells
Without you lifting a Finger!

During these challenging economic and social times it behooves us to
become more innovative.  As rising prices and declining service runs
rampant, we seem to have fewer and fewer opportunities to really enjoy
ourselves.  Recently our friend Kim planted a thought in our minds of a
slightly different way to enjoy ourselves for an evening, without the hassle of
driving to an overbooked restaurant, waiting to be waited on, having a meal
prepared behind a wall we cannot see through, and often served by an
obviously overworked staff.  After all that drama, and having become full and
lazy, we are then faced with the challenge of trying to avoid being the one
who has to drive home.  No, this innovative thought Kim shared with us IS
NOT called shopping, dicing, washing, draining, cooking, and doing the
dishes and pots and pans.  It’s really as simple as a phone call to Chef Eric
Wells, proud owner of Skye LaRae’s Culinary Services.

Eric will bring his culinary skills into your home, feed you until your eyes roll
around in your head, and leave you absolutely none of the challenges of
cooking at home or eating out.  More good news is that having Chef Eric
come to your home is more an experience than an experiment.  Not only
does Eric come highly recommended by Kim, but ironically (or maybe not so
ironically), Eric is currently teaching a series of cooking classes at the Mt.
Zion Church of Oakwood Village.  That’s right, he can make your stomach
happy, but he can also teach you how to duplicate that happiness, for those
times when he is not available.

For more information about Eric’s current series of classes at Mt. Zion, go to

Contact Eric at 216-254-2808, e-mail him at or visit his
web site at

Henry & Dianne Ford


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