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Your Success Newsletter - September - October, 2008 - Published Bi-Monthly

"Where there is no vision, the people perish" - Proverbs 29:18
The Black Aces
by Jim "Mudcat" Grant
In the early 1980’s Dianne and I had the pleasure of meeting Jim “Mudcat”
Grant.  Having already been impressed by his baseball accomplishments, I
was doubly impressed by his laid-back, easygoing, and non-pretentious
nature.  He seldom if ever spoke of his accomplishments, and truly seemed
be a friend first and somewhere much further down the line, a baseball hero.  
As life goes, we all went about life and lost touch.  I was happy to learn
several weeks ago that Mudcat was scheduled to appear at our church, Mt.
Zion of Oakwood Village for a book-signing.  Mudcat’s book,
The Black Aces,
is primarily about the Major Leagues African American 20 Game Winners
(including Mudcat), with credits to others who broke barriers and made
history in the game.  The book should be strongly considered based upon its
inspirational and historical value.  
The Black Aces is available below:

Henry & Dianne Ford


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Tribute to
Stephanie Tubbs Jones

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More Than Books and Grades

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Does Studying Annoy You?

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Jamie Taylor, Golf Instructor

- 5 -
Culinary Delights
in Your Home
Chef Eric Wells

- 6 -
His Wisdom
by Shirkendra Jackson

- 7 -
The Black Aces
Jim "Mudcat" Grant

- 8 -
Truths About
Successful Living
Willie Johnson

- 9 -
Technology Use
Shirley Johnson-Craft

- 10 -
Journey to South Africa
with Rukiya Lee

- 11 -
Party Time
at Roseland
Kim Leonhardt

- 12 -
A Few Precious Moments
with The Strang Family

- 13 -
Family Reunion

- 14 -
Saving Green
at Christmas Time
Sending Christmas Cards

- 15 -
The Wedding
Cut the Cost and The Stress!


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History Makers!
Tuskegee Airman
Roy Richardson (left)
and  former
Major League Pitcher
Jim "Mudcat" Grant