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Your Success Newsletter - September - October, 2008 - Published Bi-Monthly

"Where there is no vision, the people perish" - Proverbs 29:18
Truths About Successful Living
by Willie Johnson
Willie Johnson, Performance Improvement & Training Consultant
A wise man, Solomon, wrote:
“Men sharpen men like iron sharpens iron.”

People speak about and share their formula for success, all the time.  There
have been, and will continue to be, numerous magazine articles and books
written on the subject.  But, who has the time to read all the books and
articles in search of an answer to the question:  What Are “Real” Truths
about Successful Living?      Answer: Not too many.   Therefore, I would like
to take this opportunity to share with you, the following four truths I have
found to be, the real truths that lead to successful living.  (NOTE: Always
keep in mind that successful living is not something that comes easy.  
Instead, it requires hard work and more work.)

1.  Pursue Your Purpose – Not Someone Else’s:   It is my strong belief
that inside every human being is a deep call of destiny to do something
distinctively worthwhile.  Why?  Because all of us have a unique purpose, for
which we are called.  We therefore, do not have enough time to worry about
the gifts others have or how they may compare to our own.  You must
embrace the fact that true success then, is not measured by how much you
have done or accomplished, compared to what others have done or
accomplished.  True success is what   you have done, compared to what you
could have done; with the gifts, talents, and potential that you have been
given.  In other words, successful and purposeful living means competing
with you, and you alone; living up to your own God-given standards and

2. Push Away Negativity From Your Life:  It has been said that there are
two types of people in the world – positive people and negative people.  Look
at your stable of friends.  If someone is constantly knocking your dreams,
then recognize that person as a dream buster and drawback to your
achievements and purpose.  If someone brings out your self destructive
tendencies, acknowledge that person is not a friend. In other words, you
must purposefully choose to push away such negative people from your life.  
Why?  Because life is too precious to waste it with those who tear you down,
rather than build you up.  Again, strip away those negative people, habits,
and thinking from your life.

3. Put Positive People Into Your Life:  Far too often, we feel that we have
to face our problems alone.  We are uncomfortable admitting our pain,
inexperience, lack of resources or even our incompetence.  Pride gets in the
way!  It is a fact that when we shut others out, we simultaneously shut
ourselves in.  We would be better off if we would just reach out for help.  A
key: Letting go of negative people opens the way for us to receive positive
people into our lives.  Therefore, don’t be too proud to ask for help.  Pull into
your life positive, caring, supportive and like-minded people who nurture you
and your dreams.

4.  Put Time To Purposeful Use:  Time!  All accomplishment requires time.  
Purposeful people know that time is the greatest gift with which to accomplish
and fulfill their passion, potential, and possibilities.  Just as there is no
harvest without the seed, no steel without carbon, and no up without a down,
there is no successful living without time.

Henry & Dianne Ford


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