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- 1-
NOW is The Time!

- 2 -
Importance of Technology

- 3 -
Victory Speech by
President Barack Obama

- 4 -
Welcome Back
Lawrence Summers

- 5 -
The Honorable Marcia Fudge,
Member of Congress

- 6 -
An "AH HA" Moment
Author Sherri Walker
Success and Class

- 7 -
Journey to South Africa
with Rukiya Lee
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Your Success Newsletter - January - February, 2009 - Published Bi-Monthly

"Where there is no vision, the people perish" - Proverbs 29:18
NOW is The Time . . .
At various times in our history, we are blessed with examples of leadership and
inspiration that transcend both reason and expectations.  A few who come to my
mind include Harriett Tubman, Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy, and most
recently Barack Obama.  It is my hope that President-Elect Barack Obama’s mind-
boggling inspiration sinks deep into our subconscious.  While I am mindful,
appreciative and sometimes in awe of Barack Obama, I believe the true blessing is
in the mindset he can impart.

Each of us will likely acknowledge that these “heroes” don’t come often enough.  I
believe they are sent to awaken us to our own potential, to remind us that we have
within us the God-given ability to expand our minds, add clarity and focus to our
vision and extend our influence.

Within the limits set for us by The Creator, we are each the authors of our own
destiny.  We write our own life stories.  The presence of a Barack Obama on the
scene should not become cause to relax, but cause to become re-energized.  He
was not sent here to save us, but to influence us to save ourselves.

I have no conflict with those who have spoken and written about how long they have
waited for what came to be on Tuesday, November 4, 2008.  I am prayerful that
while we waited, we also made preparations.  I also would humbly suggest that now
is not the time to let the imagination of a better tomorrow create stagnation in doing
today.  Now is the time to dig deep within our own resources to become more
productive.  Now is the time to take steps that may seem too small, while we dream
dreams that seem too large.

Each person and circumstance we look to as the solution to our challenges is but a
ripple of hope in an ocean of possibilities.  We all are a part of that ocean, and if
your ripple is felt, we are all more likely to experience smoother sailing.

A BIG THANK YOU to artist Steve Greenberg for this impressive artwork depicting
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. overlooking the rise of Barack Obama to becoming
President-Elect.  And an even BIGGER THANKS to Steve for graciously allowing us
to use this historic piece in VISIONS Newsletter.

As a Special Thank You to Steve, you can find a link to his web site at
www.webpartners.org/linkauthorsartists.html.  You can find out more about Steve
Greenberg at his web site at: